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been 6 months now and still no reply to my concerns...

any chance of fixing the game so it becomes playable...

any chance of fixing my concern - which is below.

This is getting worse now - there are times when I can't even get to play a single game due to the error at start game (as mentioned below).Any chance of correcting this. Shame really, 'cos it' s a great game, seems to be let down by not having the ability to play.....

I'm constantly getting at Start Game:

Error message: Uncaught TypeError: failed to execute 'drawimage' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D':

The provided value is not of type '(CSSImageValue or HTMLCanvasElement or HTMLImageElement or HTMLVideoElement or ImageBitmap or OffscreenCanvas or SVGImageElement or VideoFrame)'.


.../Users/me/Desktop/Itch etc. etc. /pelagium-origins-20220430-win32 x64/p....

Line Number 270

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What's going on here - twice I tried to pay 2.50$ and now ended up with a blank page both times - now I don't know whether I've actually purchased it or not - and not only that, where's the 70MB zip file. All I've ended up with is a 'Play in Browser' 751 kib file? so again I ask what's going on here?

Finely got there - and got the 70MB zip file.

Now I can say - this is a good, yet simple enough game to get into and enjoy. I really do like it. Yes, it could do with so more stuff doing to it (like maybe a really easy mode choice, for the likes of someone like me who enjoys the success of winning straight off), but it's really worth having and enjoying it - do continue to develop it further. A good little game, keep up the good work.

What is the difference between this game and your 'historia-battles-rome' game - as the scenarios appear to be exactly the same in each case?

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Just to say NobleMaster, You were so right. 

You told me from the outset to update my graphics card driver, and when I had difficulty in doing  that you  actualy provided me with where to go to download an updated driver. Your support has done you credit - and I 've taken back any negative remarks I made.

Brill job  and a great game.

I'll certainly puchase the 'All Maps' bundle for Demise of Nations now.

Like I said, Brill Job - Kudos to you, my friend and many thanks.

Brill job - and you fixed it in double quick time - You're a marvel. Cheers and thanks a lot.

Yes - it's flashing all the time, but it  as you say, appears to just be the snowy regions.

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I see what you mean.  To me it initialy looked like continious white blinking  blobs and tended to be distracting (as though it wasn't meant to be so striking) - sorry about that - I should have looked at it more closely. I immediatly thought it was a pixalation problem that I thought wasn't there before the upgrade. Again, sorry for my over-reaction.

Lots of pixalation on the map since the update