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Lots of pixalation on the map since the update

Pixelation? Can you show a screenshot?

Looks like only snow is wrong? Curious, I will fix it but it may be hard as it looks ok on most computers.

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I see what you mean.  To me it initialy looked like continious white blinking  blobs and tended to be distracting (as though it wasn't meant to be so striking) - sorry about that - I should have looked at it more closely. I immediatly thought it was a pixalation problem that I thought wasn't there before the upgrade. Again, sorry for my over-reaction.

But it definitely is a real problem and should be fixed, is it even blinking?

Yes - it's flashing all the time, but it  as you say, appears to just be the snowy regions.

But it must be annoying. I just uploaded a new version, I simplified a shader responsible for the snow, hopefully it does the trick.


Brill job - and you fixed it in double quick time - You're a marvel. Cheers and thanks a lot.