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Unfortunately I have no way to test the game in such configuration. I could send you a debug version if you'd like to check for me.

Have you played it?

The bug is fixed in the latest update.
Hex Empire 2 was a flash multiplayer game that I made for apparently defunct company, so the servers are off and the game is no longer available. Hex Empire 3 is much much better :).

Thanks, I think it's indeed a bug, will be fixed this weekend.

Thanks for pointing out. Does it happen all the time, or for certain moves only?

Thanks for pointing out. It should work now, also payment by card is now working.

At the moment pacts are automatically broken when there are 3 players left, maybe it will be different later :).

Have you checked the new version? Does it work better for you?

I am the original creator. What do you mean by "another hex empires".

Possibly I fixed it.

So that's why I haven't got any purchases recently.... Itch.io support contacted.

I've sent you email.

Please tell me if the problem persists after you update drivers.

Does it lag from the start or gets slow later in game?

Should be ok, video drivers updated?

And do you have the latest version? Some earlier versions indeed were slow.

That's strange, I had no such signals from other users. What kind of computer do you have?

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Both full version and the demo crashes? I have sent you an email.

I can't accept Alipay for now, I can accept cryptocurrencies on request. Hopefully the game will be on Steam in February.

Yes, it will be on Steam for sure, but everybody who buys on itch.io will receive a Steam key for free! And it really helps us, so don't hesitate! ;)

We will try to add more methods in close future. Using Paypal you can pay with a debit card without creating an account, if it won't work for you please wait a little.