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I just uploaded new version, this bug should be now fixed.

But it must be annoying. I just uploaded a new version, I simplified a shader responsible for the snow, hopefully it does the trick.

But it definitely is a real problem and should be fixed, is it even blinking?

Looks like only snow is wrong? Curious, I will fix it but it may be hard as it looks ok on most computers.

Sorry, will fix it

Pixelation? Can you show a screenshot?

Yes, I made HexEmpire 2 for come2play, I see they apparently still exist, but changed profile. I own client for the game but they owned the server side, so it can't be run anymore.

I probably have sources for the games somewhere on old hard drives.

Have you played it?

The bug is fixed in the latest update.
Hex Empire 2 was a flash multiplayer game that I made for apparently defunct company, so the servers are off and the game is no longer available. Hex Empire 3 is much much better :).

Thanks, I think it's indeed a bug, will be fixed this weekend.

At the moment pacts are automatically broken when there are 3 players left, maybe it will be different later :).

I am the original creator. What do you mean by "another hex empires".

I can't accept Alipay for now, I can accept cryptocurrencies on request. Hopefully the game will be on Steam in February.

Yes, it will be on Steam for sure, but everybody who buys on will receive a Steam key for free! And it really helps us, so don't hesitate! ;)

We will try to add more methods in close future. Using Paypal you can pay with a debit card without creating an account, if it won't work for you please wait a little.