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What's going on here - twice I tried to pay 2.50$ and now ended up with a blank page both times - now I don't know whether I've actually purchased it or not - and not only that, where's the 70MB zip file. All I've ended up with is a 'Play in Browser' 751 kib file? so again I ask what's going on here?

Finely got there - and got the 70MB zip file.

Now I can say - this is a good, yet simple enough game to get into and enjoy. I really do like it. Yes, it could do with so more stuff doing to it (like maybe a really easy mode choice, for the likes of someone like me who enjoys the success of winning straight off), but it's really worth having and enjoying it - do continue to develop it further. A good little game, keep up the good work.

Thanks a lot for your encouraging feedback and your monetary support!

The payment processing and provisioning of the download files is done by, we have no direct influence here at all. Thank you for sharing that things went wrong, if this happens again, we will approach to take a look.

Glad to read that you finally got the stand-alone version :)