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This version has been tested and CANNOT be ran without RTP. Didn't change the log because I was too lazy.

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Oh, I think that's the same one Sin reported. It should be fixed, then.

In the current version, I mean.

How so? I can't seem to unlock it without her.

Oh. Well, if you want to take a look at the code, go ahead. I don't really care.

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Hey, thanks for commenting! Sorry you didn't like it very much. This is my first project, so it isn't the greatest.

On why there isn't a save mechanic, that was kind of a snap decision that I made early on, thinking that it would accentuate the setting, but it didn't really work how I wanted it to. The game's pretty short, though, and doesn't have any way of getting a game over, so hopefully not many other people will run into this, as a problem.

Pretty much everyone who's played my game so far hasn't really liked that specific puzzle in the Big House, and it always seems to be for different reason. I'm hitting my head against the wall right now trying to figure out why the hell I left it in. Thinking of replacing that puzzle with a different one, perhaps finding a way to unlock the door, after the contest, but for now it sticks.

That color comment is a pretty dumb slip-up on my behalf, and I'm genuinely surprised that I haven't heard of it until now. Thanks for letting me know, I'll fix it in the next update (which won't happen till the end of the contest, but still).

And yes, the narrator saying that is in character. That one was actually deliberate. 

I don't know what you mean by "Leaving the game open", though. Could you elaborate?

If you find any, post them here.

Forgot to say this originally, but I also made some minor changes to the menus, most noticeably the main menu. It's ALL lowercase now, and some of the options are more understandable.


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For whatever reason, you can't read the game's description here on the jam page. If you click "View game page" you can see the description, and some other information.

If you find any bugs, or anything that should be different in general, tell me! I want this game to be as good as I can make it.

I'm already working on a more stable/better overall version, so there's a good chance that your complaint will be fixed (As long as it's not huge.), before the submission window ends.

Even if the submission window ends, you should still tell about any bugs/problems/misc., and I should be able to get around to fixing them anyway.

Also, I'm about 90% sure that you're a wizard, considering you managed to finish this game 13 goddamn days before the deadline. How on Earth you managed to do that I'll never know.

Wow, this is really, really good. Probably the best game I've played so far in this jam. It makes my project like awful in comparison.

The only thing that really bothered me was the last "puzzle" in easy mode, before you make it to the final area. It just seemed really random, and it took a lot longer than I was hoping for. Also, the ending was a bit sudden, though that might change at some point, or I just got a bad ending.

This is still really, really good though. Even if this doesn't win first place. I will be SEVERELY disappointed if it doesn't get at least third place.