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Jay Rab

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Thanks for  all the work you put into it, we really loved the moral of the story and liked the spin you put on it, in addition to the art being endearing. 

Your battle system really made it feel like an RPG, I really enjoyed how you could take something so off the wall but have a system and world that fit so well, it was a real joy playing the game and I was never sure where the story was going to take me. the fights were odd but had enough cues to lead you in the right direction and I actually ended up caring for the characters.

We just released the results, to check out the judging go here:

There has been some delays but we are still working on the judging thanks for the inquiry! 

Seems that I got an older version somehow, I went ahead and redownloaded and we are good to go. No issues presently with the names, I noticed you simi censored them and was posting that link  as it seems acceptable to reference brands in writing based on what the lawyer in that post was saying.  But not being a lawyer myself what you do with it is up to you.

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I noticed your screenshots, and just was trying out the game and noticed my game loops when you push Lilith into the town portal for the first time, can you check your build and see if its looping incorrectly? or is it suppose to loop at this point? Also something of interest to you:

Hey Teresa, just was trying out your game today and noticed your files are for the project files in tyranobuilder and not exported as a game, if you go into your project, and click no project in the top right button that looks like a window with an arrow pointed right, that will open the export screen, select windows and then export your game. This is the file you want to share and not the project folder.

You should have two emails from from that say "Jay Rab has sent you a message about ★ TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam 2018! ★" Reply to one of them to get in touch and we can talk.

And looks like it showed up on the jam page as well! glad that was resolved, I noticed another use who has an entry without any page ether, thanks to you I think I know what there issue is as well.

If it was due to user difficulty, maybe.... Anyone who was to contact me ASAP  with issues would have much better luck being able to get it entered, but the longer they wait the less likely I can make that exception

Hey simply tirza, I see you on the admin list as submitting as well but I can not access your game page, do you have a link to it?

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Looks like 22 with 15 mins to go, lets see who really tries to have an actual last min entry. 

Edit: looks like everyone got their entries done in time!

I got it, thanks!

I dont see any download files, make sure to attach the zipped file of your exported project before the game jam ends, which as of this writing needs to be before the 5hours and 20mins are up.

Please make sure to have your download ready before the game jam end, as of this message that would be before 5hours and 23mins

This is a tool I use professionally for any gifs I have to make for the games I work with, its very simple and has complex function you can use as you get more confortable with it, best of all its free!

Additionally if its something you find helpful I highly suggest going back to him and donating a couple dollars, I know he has made a world of difference in what i do.

Hey OkeArt, you need to include all files that were in the export folder for the game to be playable. To do so, right click on the folder that was exported and select "send to" and select "compressed zip file" once you have it as a zip file, you can upload that zip file as your game.

Hey OkeArt, you need to include all files that were in the export folder for the game to be playable. To do so, right click on the folder that was exported and select "send to" and select "compressed zip file" once you have it as a zip file, you can upload that zip file as your game.

Two things you can try:

Try adding the Parameter: time=0  or cross=false to the chara_mod tag

Those Parameters are new, so the tyranobuilder engine may not have them yet, so just give me a heads up if ether works. I suggest trying cross=false first as that is what controls whether they use transparency or just overlap the images.

Hey Jeanne, Looks like your submission is in. We shouldnt have any issues with it!

This was a fun game, I ended up maxing everything out before ending it, didnt really see the need for going over 100 stacks, my last damage upgrade seemed to take forever even with all the rest of the items unlocked and ended up that I had so many difficulty increases by the time I unlocked it, I was doing less damage then when i started going for it.

Sorry I reworded it on the jam page, so that its better clarified that its intended for the max rather then 30mins across the board, we said "approximately" in regards to reading speed being relative, we werent trying to limit shorter works. 

There is no minimum time requirement so your more then welcomed to make a shorter story, the only reason we have a time limit on the maximum side is so that the guest judges are able to get through everyone entries, so having shorter stories actually makes it easier on the judges.

Depending on the number of entries and how many are close to the 30min mark, with how much time the judges have they may stop the game at the 30min mark whether or not the game is finished just due to time constraints and getting to all titles.

That is correct

Additionally you can ignore the time of the puzzle completely by having an optional skip for the puzzle.

It roughly the same way that you average how quickly people read, have a couple people who are not aware of how the puzzle works, play that section and have you or them time it, it should give you a good idea as to were the puzzle falls on time.

30mins is the cutoff time, ideally even with a teaser you want to go through the five stages of a story so while it is acceptable you may want to modify your teaser to go through all the stages:

Exposition: Setting the scene.
Rising action: Building the tension.
Climax: The exciting bit.
Falling action: Tidying up loose ends.
Resolution: Ending the story.

You dont have to share the ending of the story, just make sure you leave them on a note were some resolution has occurred so that there is some satisfaction for finishing the story. Many times these show up in the form of story arcs within the story.

That is completely alright and part of the reason we have it set up the way that we do.  After the jam has finished, judges will have a month to go over the entries and at that point the winners will be showcased on our site like this: we dont even host the game so you will have have full ownership over your creation the whole time. 

The goal of the jam is to help you take a project that may just be an idea and turn it into a project that you can make commercial.

seeing as the jam starts after the Tyranobuilder jam, I dont see any conflict to our rules. The only thing you would have to worry about is how to tie the two themes together "water" for my first game jam and "when in rome" for the tyranobuilder.

Yes that would be correct, while it is a idiom it is fine to take it literally as well though! 

just one route, but if you want the judges to go though a given route it would be ideal to note that. If you feel you can do more then one route please feel open to doing them but with time restraints we will only be able to go through one route.

Feel free to ask them here or go to the steam thread here:

mac version should work, that was an old issue that is no longer present in the engine.

Hey Jane, congrats on placing as one of the winners of the tyranobuilder spring game jam.

We are getting the winners information together and need to get some details from you, in order for us to know we are getting in touch with the right person, could you please link a twitter account to your account so that we can private message you?

Please send me a private message via twitter: or steam: with your email address so we can send you some more details in regards to the winners.

Thanks for your submission, in regards to the download these are actually the project files and not the export, was that intended?