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Jay Rab

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mac version should work, that was an old issue that is no longer present in the engine.

Hey Jane, congrats on placing as one of the winners of the tyranobuilder spring game jam.

We are getting the winners information together and need to get some details from you, in order for us to know we are getting in touch with the right person, could you please link a twitter account to your itch.io account so that we can private message you?

Please send me a private message via twitter: https://twitter.com/ImpactAGame or steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/jay_rab/ with your email address so we can send you some more details in regards to the winners.

Thanks for your submission, in regards to the download these are actually the project files and not the export, was that intended?

While we would love to give creators this kind of insight from the guest judges we bring in each year from the visual novel industry it just isn't doable with the judges schedules, even if money wasn't an issue, they pretty much would have to put all their projects on hold just to provide critical feedback to every entry for that month. 

They are already investing so much time to do what they are now for the jam we really try not to ask any more of them and make things as easy as possible  since they are doing this as a service to the community.  And even now we get judges that have to turn us down  due to a release or heavy development period if it lands around the same time as our jam.

That being said if you want to reach out to a given judge personally and ask for feedback, twitter is our industry tool in the visual novel world and all of them have twitter handles you can reach out to them on and ask for feedback. 

@HanakoGames @SapphDragon and @sakevisual were the guest judges this year.

Hey Akacheese, 

Our guest judges who are professional visual novel developers, have donated their time to review and vote on who their favorites are, seeing as we have 50 entries with many of them being around 20-30mins long, we have given them a month to review and give their results. 

So at the earliest we will be releasing the results is next month, but we will send everyone a email through itch.io alerting them when the winners have been announced (only way you wouldnt get this email is if you unsubscribed from the those messages when you got a reminder about posting your entry)

We are having the same issue, jam was listed and showing and now is no longer on the list.

Sorry to see you go as a rabbit myself I was really looking forward to it :(

I really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing <3

Just trying to get in contact with you, we need to get in touch.