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Will there be hope for multiplayer in the near future, like an alternate way to connect without using Adobe's servers? (eg. using LAN to play multiplayer)

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Might I ask if you have a Twitter account, Discord account, or YouTube channel of any kind? One of my friends has made fanart for this game, and he wants to know where he can contact you to show it to you.

Thanks for the free key! I must also pay my respects for taking the last one, so here's a video of me claiming it.

I've replied to you on how you could get better on Twitter. I'll prefer to be more private on this matter.


Zyroidkarbie will eat your balls.

I had fun and got angry while playing this game. I like how you decided to branch out and make a survival horror game. It's really cool to see you do something else other than Touhou, like Sa!lent or Celestial.

The game's not fun when all I have to do is run and avoid. There's no hiding mechanics in game and Zyroidkarbie is a ghost without a sprite, which doesn't make me fear what I have to run from. Personally, I would like it to have an appearance of fog and bloodshot eyes of different sizes. (Yukari from Touhou) It's not scary without a form and I'm very disappointed to see it has no form to intimidate me with.

The game has an unoriginal concept of gameplay (lacking puzzles), and resembles a collect and go game instead. (a notable game example being Slendytubbies 2D) But, I do like the psychological horror elements, like bleeding from the eyes with a scream, which startled me, and the black screen which adds to the dread. As well as the fact that Zyroidkarbie can be heard from god who knows where and whether or not he's coming for your booty.

The story is certainly something, but I felt in the description you already spoilt the story by saying that Amy was an artificial human and that the penultimate enemy is Zyroidkarbie. Sure, learning that Zyroidkarbie is a amalgamation of souls really did add to the plot, but I think it would be better shrouded in mystery first. Furthermore, if you wrote the story from Amy's point of view, as opposed to describing her plight, it would be much better and you'd feel like you were her.

Example of writing from Amy's point of view: "I never knew who I truly was, other than the fact I was called Amy. The walls and floors are blank, covered in dust and grime, and the only thing that keeps me alive is ironically the one that wants me dead."

I would like to be your proofreader (English corrections) and co-writer if possible. This game surely has potential, and I love and hate it at the same time.

And finally, Zyroidkarbie will eat your balls.

Lakh'Broan Jah'mes is the funniest name to pronounce for laughs.

I looked into the game, enjoyed the house's layout and other houses, but the short nature of this is sad. Hope you'll make an extension of sorts, and trying to explore a very small neighbourhood out in nowhere ends quickly.

It's a really short game, but expected of that for a game of its theme. I enjoyed the mechanics and play on the elements in the form of weapons, music is plain, but the reminiscence is there.

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Hey, the plot matches the theme. Nothing to say much about it.

The concept of shooting coins to dismantle yellow shields is a cool concept. Liked it, and the first and second bosses were criminally easy. Had fun playing as Green Reimu lol

The art is nice. I like the artstyle, but the music sounds pretty weird for a Touhou fangame. It didn't flow well with me, but it's my opinion, someone else might like it.

Being that it's an Alpha release, the third and fourth bosses don't do anything and the fairies have too much health. The points collected, bullets grazed, and power meter don't reflect the changes shown on the scoreboard. Not even the bombs refill when you try to continue. Hopefully in future I'll get to fight the third and fourth bosses!

The ending was pretty cringey in the end though. I always make it a point to give criticism fairly, and yeah, no elaboration and just saying "Good game" sounds like an "OK" in perspective.

The RPG sprites were very bad in my opinion, even with retexturing. Yeah. Remillia looks the most off so lol, thought she was Shimyoumaru.

I'm sure with time you could become better at designing, or find a designer for sprites as well.

With how all your stuff (with the exception of coding) uses sources from the internet, it made me feel very unsatisfied. Sure, you made the game yourself, but I didn't like it all that much with the usage of midi music arranges and sprites you found.  Nonetheless, you made do with what you had, and you deserve the ZUN award.

I'm willing to do music for another game you're making if you ever get back into game development. Making original music for a Touhou game is second nature for me, but my style undoubtedly sounds more Len'en than Touhou. Contact me on YouTube or if you need me.

Level 3 isn't that hard. It's just impatience that affects you, and you got to make that jump properly. Level 4 was my most hated level. I had to avoid a sawblade while jumping and hitting the top or bottom spike without landing correctly. That's my nightmare.

For a mother tongue language, you speak understandable English, but it could be refined further with help. I could help you proofread your games if needed, since reading typos breaks a game's plot.

You're not being bitter at all, don't worry.  Heck, if possible, I'd like to talk to you more, if you could be active on Twitter, I could talk to you in DMs, and if you have Discord, you can send me a friend request. I don't bite, so don't worry. Nice meeting you.

Twitter: JasonEe_12

Discord: Jason Ee#3542

The video's basically my commentary so yeah.

Poor storyline, but okay gameplay. I could make a Walfas Sketch out of the story.

You're welcome, and thanks for the suggestion my Touhou game on Clickteam might work out. Hoping to move onto Game Maker Studio eventually lol

If you ever need a composer for music in games, I could help with that too. Don't mind if I shill. I make music on my YouTube channel. It's on my profile, and I could probably compose a theme every one of those characters.

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The game may not be very salient, but it sure has potential to be something more. It could use enemies spawning in a stage rather than fighting the boss immediately, as well as a graze and power meter, as well as bombs. I'm making my own Touhou game as well in Fusion, and could point out what could help you if you get in contact with me. But anyway, here's my critique.

You managed to replicate ZUN's poor understanding of proportions through MS Paint, nice. There was no story however. An excuse plot would have been nice. On music though, pretty bad usage of music. Try to find better tracks to use in danmaku battles.

The green haired mermaid (Ccyper) and Fusion would be considered a definite challenge unless trial and error is counted. There are spots you can sit at to avoid losing lives. Ccyper drives me to anger when the shots are aimed at your character and you're trapped in a field of bullets. That's where the definite challenge of having to use a mouse comes in, and it's fun trying to beat a game that you're not good at initially and get better at eventually.

Try to do away with the rainbows. Makes me feel like its GAYhou. It also hurts my eyes and is annoying.

Overall, okay game. Clickteam isn't suited for Touhou because of poor collision detection, somewhat confusing functions, and a bit of a limited workspace, but you managed to make it work out. One issue I have is you should probably enable the "Stick to obstacles" function on the character because the character shakes on collision with the wall and it affects the dodging aspect. That's it.

This is fine.