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The ending was pretty cringey in the end though. I always make it a point to give criticism fairly, and yeah, no elaboration and just saying "Good game" sounds like an "OK" in perspective.

The RPG sprites were very bad in my opinion, even with retexturing. Yeah. Remillia looks the most off so lol, thought she was Shimyoumaru.

I'm sure with time you could become better at designing, or find a designer for sprites as well.

With how all your stuff (with the exception of coding) uses sources from the internet, it made me feel very unsatisfied. Sure, you made the game yourself, but I didn't like it all that much with the usage of midi music arranges and sprites you found.  Nonetheless, you made do with what you had, and you deserve the ZUN award.

I'm willing to do music for another game you're making if you ever get back into game development. Making original music for a Touhou game is second nature for me, but my style undoubtedly sounds more Len'en than Touhou. Contact me on YouTube or if you need me.

Level 3 isn't that hard. It's just impatience that affects you, and you got to make that jump properly. Level 4 was my most hated level. I had to avoid a sawblade while jumping and hitting the top or bottom spike without landing correctly. That's my nightmare.

For a mother tongue language, you speak understandable English, but it could be refined further with help. I could help you proofread your games if needed, since reading typos breaks a game's plot.

You're not being bitter at all, don't worry.  Heck, if possible, I'd like to talk to you more, if you could be active on Twitter, I could talk to you in DMs, and if you have Discord, you can send me a friend request. I don't bite, so don't worry. Nice meeting you.

Twitter: JasonEe_12

Discord: Jason Ee#3542