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Wicked! This means I can stick it on my raspberry pi!

I'm so appreciative that this tool is free. When I have the funds I do plan to throw some your way for your continued development of this product. I only use it for hobby work, but most other similar programs are so expensive. Very excited for the features coming in 1.2!

I tried checking for updates within the program and it still tells me 1.1.5 is up to date. Is this a problem on my end?

Could benefit from "Trading Outposts" or the like that you could purchase to extend the range of slipstreams.

I liked being able to just straight replace the image in Tiled and have everything still matching. But really, given the nature of this, I'd say go with whatever is easiest for you!

I was just thinking of trying/getting a friend to do some Volcanic stuff. An active and dormant variant and some ashland tiles would be excellent! Thank you again for this, already!

One thing I was thinking would be cool is a personal bookshelf where you can save books you've found.

Mouse Wheel

Nice, that works!

Are there roads that run North/South and East/West?