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Yo sick!

Isn't this an option within the program itself?

How to draw an owl

Also just discovering this. This looks awesome as it is, but is it still an active project? I hope so!

Thanks for this, either way!

Very cool! Thank you :)

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A hot air balloon, piloted by a shirtless gnome holding a familiar sword and shouting curses at something on the ground below him.
I guess it also depends on what you mean by weird. We also encountered some giants in the middle of a ritual chant. It had created a massive storm and that, along with the reverberations of their powerful voices, knocked a crewmate overboard. A giant caught them and placed them back on the ship. Once the ritual was complete they started walking in different directions and disappeared.

I'm so appreciative of all your generators. Thank you for putting as much effort into this one as you have!

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We played this game but did an airship instead of an ocean voyage. We had a great time and came up with some interesting scenarios!
We also used some graph paper and decided to travel a number of squares equal to the dice roll.

This would be cool as a screensaver. Maybe with some settings like a timer for starting a new slum.

Yo awesome!!

Man this would be cool with a level editor, and some things like red coin challenges.

Thanks a lot for these!

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So I wonder how long this would take on a GTX 750, XD

The wiki is gone and there are a lot of old posts. Has this been abandoned?

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What is the difference between this and Andromeda?

Came here hoping for news of a Switch port!

The amount of support you continue to give this program is amazing, thank you.

These are great, thanks!


Needs to incorporate Sponge's sadness absorption somehow!

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Transparency should be working with this one. I didn't bother deleting the redundant port, though.

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I actually just discovered the tile-flipping option the other day haha. I just uploaded the image as I had made it before the discovery.

Unsure what happened with the transparency, but I'll see what I can do!

I had this same problem when I first used it. But yeah a little familiarity with Tiled helped sort it out.

Here's the custom edits I've done:

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Thank you so much for continuing to work on this! Can't wait to see the updated sheet!

I've been using this to re-create the first Final Fantasy world map for a DnD campaign.

I use!

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There's no longer a free version?

I also don't want to play it on Steam.

Wicked! This means I can stick it on my raspberry pi!

I'm so appreciative that this tool is free. When I have the funds I do plan to throw some your way for your continued development of this product. I only use it for hobby work, but most other similar programs are so expensive. Very excited for the features coming in 1.2!

I tried checking for updates within the program and it still tells me 1.1.5 is up to date. Is this a problem on my end?

Could benefit from "Trading Outposts" or the like that you could purchase to extend the range of slipstreams.

I liked being able to just straight replace the image in Tiled and have everything still matching. But really, given the nature of this, I'd say go with whatever is easiest for you!

I was just thinking of trying/getting a friend to do some Volcanic stuff. An active and dormant variant and some ashland tiles would be excellent! Thank you again for this, already!

One thing I was thinking would be cool is a personal bookshelf where you can save books you've found.

Mouse Wheel

Nice, that works!

Are there roads that run North/South and East/West?