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I'm so appreciative that this tool is free. When I have the funds I do plan to throw some your way for your continued development of this product. I only use it for hobby work, but most other similar programs are so expensive. Very excited for the features coming in 1.2!

I tried checking for updates within the program and it still tells me 1.1.5 is up to date. Is this a problem on my end?

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No, it was due to me still needing to update the files that Tiled uses to check for updates. I usually wait a bit with this to see if I missed any major issues before notifying all existing installs about the new version. It's a bit late now, but the files have been updated!

Thanks for your nice feedback and desire to support! I think that other similar tools are generally way overpriced and do not agree with the businessmodel of most proprietary software, because of the disconnect between income and actual development effort.