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I loved the music and overall concept👍

Sorry, the zip version is now available.


It has a great feeling!

Hi, thanks. Yeah, this art style has much potential. To be concise, generating these points is a bit more complex than casual game objects. You can check my blog post about it:

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Hi, kerlinos

I'm also very interested in keeping making more games like this or even continue it, but unfortunately, it's not in my schedule at the moment. Maybe in the not too distant future :) and thanks for your kind comment.

Hi  KurokiYurei 

The issue is fixed now.

Wow! Thanks, It's interesting.

Unfortunately, it doesn't run well on some graphic cards. I'm trying to find the issue


Thanks, hope you enjoyed it



I've just published my new game. It's a short narrative-driven game about the afterlife.

loved it

So Glad. thanks for your video💙

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Thanks for the video and your comment💜. Maybe we make an endless version too.

thanks, you should finish it🙃

thanks, you played well.

stop it😂

it Inspired by doom game.

 so glad you liked it

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sure. know it's fixed in new version.


Thank you very much for your attention

Hi, everyone.

I just published the new mini-game that I created for a 2-day game jam with theme of "time".
its action game with ideas of the superhot game and destructive environment.

it's so addictive and its kind of arcade game that saves your scores.
I would be very pleased to check out my game and comment your opinion.

it's so cool