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Alongside my teammates Marina Camí, Lidia Álvarez, Pau Sánchez, Alex Terradas, Jose Cánovas, Joel Rodríguez and Óscar Paz we've developed Gyromitra, a 3D Person Shooter and Platformer where you play as Seiri, the forest spirit.

After 10 weeks of developement it's finally released for everyone to play and enjoy it, you can go and check the project page here: Gyromitra

Oh, thank you!
I'll take a look when I have some free time.

Oh, I see, I have a RTX 2080 for laptops, if it does help.

The game keeps crashing at the main menu, can't really play it.

Cool, thank you, I'll take a look to that YouTube channel.
Don't worry for the late response, we all have things to do daily, thanks for taking your time.

I love the game, I find it really cool both aesthetic and from game design perspective.
I think a gamepad controller option/mapping would help, cause at some points I find that keyboard controls are somehow chunky with some situations (at least for me, maybe it's a design decision, idk).

PS: I'm a former game developer and I've been wondering for a while to start learning how to use Monogame, as it's main language is C# and that's the one my degree teaches the most, soo... I was wondering if you had a devlog about the project where I could check the troubles and tips you've had and found.

Im pretty sure it's just a bug and not my PC, it's a really beefy computer xDD.

No, I also came from the bridge.

I think I just broke the game XD, Im at the door of the factory and can't move, or do anything, even esc button won't work. xD