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Will do! :)

Unfortunately this game reminded me of an apartment I had the displeasure of living in once upon a time. But nevertheless, a simple yet fun quick game, well done!

Thanks for playing, Nick! We actually had an idea for all those tickets...your very own prize table that you could spend on collecting things! But I dig the risk of losing them aspect, will have to keep that in mind if we work on this idea further. Cheers!

Had a "blast" playing your game, the art was awesome and I really enjoyed going up, down and all around trying to keep things fixed! But the best part was throwing those poor innocent passengers out like that! Well done, great job!

Thanks for playing our game, much appreciated! Glad you had some fun! :)

Had some frustratingly great fun playing this! I'm a big fan of randomness and loved that not only the controls went all wonky but so did the readouts as well! Good stuff!

Well thought out idea and execution...hard to play as a solo player but I can see the fun playing on the same keyboard as someone else, especially if/when the special Combine comes into play! Good stuff!

Had some fun trying to stay away from those plates! I liked the randomness and not knowing if I was heading in the right direction or not...really fit with the theme! Great job!

Our artist friend is just awesome so we'll let her know you liked her style. We were toying with the idea of a pinball machine flapper type mechanic and some other player controlled ideas but just ran out of time (as is the way with jams sometimes!)...Thanks for playing and leaving some feedback, much appreciated!

Thank you...We do too! :)

Very polished puzzle game, so much done in so little time, loved the color mechanic...great job to you and your team!

Appreciate the feedback, thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! More levels would have been great for sure! :)

The goal preview was definitely on the to-do list, ha! Thanks so much for playing!

Really fun and polished puzzle game. Loved the ongoing dialogue and mapping mechanic, very cool!

Well done!

Congrats! Can't wait to give it a go, looks fun!

Hey Hey! Just stumbled on your jam and thought "meh, I can do rotten!"...staring my first year of Game Design at Conestoga College in Ontario, Canada on Tuesday. Great way to finish off the summer! Hopefully we can get a few more stragglers before it starts!

Thanks for playing Wookaloop! Glad you had some fun with it :)

Yea, they can be a pain in the butt.  They were actually worse when we first started out and definitely still a work in progress! Thanks for playing Collider, much appreciated!

Thanks atolVerderben! Appreciate the feedback (on the feedback ha!). Will keep that in mind for next jam for sure, as it would help big time I think! Glad you had some fun with it!

Thanks for playing gmattis! Oh man, a random tempo would be hilarious!!! Will definitely have to give that a try! :)

Thanks for playing! I went to check out Puma Cat but it was Windows only and sadly I'm on a Mac without Windows access. Will have to check it out some other time but I dug the video! Playing/moving all over those pages looks super fun! And congrats on getting those solo achievements in! Well done!

It's so funny, because that was on my hitlist to tackle once the game was more or less done and we could tidy things up, but alas, we ran out of time!  I'm really happy someone else found out how to cheese the game! Thanks for playing!

Thanks RetroBananaMan! So glad you gave our game a try...I kept an eye out on your game progress in Discord but I noticed it's only for Windows...need me to get myself one of those PC thingies one of these days! :)

Thanks for playing and thanks for the tips on making the controls better, very much appreciated!

Ha! Thanks malkins0n! Definitely a classic film, I hope we did it "some" justice! :)

Thank you so much for playing our game Demandooda! Definitely will remember to add some audio/visual cues next time around, thank you so much for the tip!  And yes, I was thrilled to team up with an artist as my placeholder stick person and UI was not aesthetically pleasing whatsoever! Cheers!

Thank you so much for checking out our video! It was our first crack at a jam so we'll definitely keep that in mind next time around! Much appreciated!