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Great Job on the LD 46 Jam game.
I liked the idea of having 3 endings, and it took a few tries to see how to get the last one. Good Job.

Addictively fun. Well done!

Visually it looked great, controls were a bit hard to grasp, almost felt like x,y,z were backwards. and the only real grip i had was the Laser noise was very grinding on my ears, maybe it was just too loud. But all in all Top notch Job .

I truly ran into issues and restarted the project 4 times. 

It needs to be loaded on Firefox to get the music. 

However that is as far as I got text, animation, particle fix, and character controls. 

Thank you for viewing.

Good atmosphere, fun game play. wish the the power-ups had additional features. but Great play through.

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A Heart felt story line that makes you question how you would react if you traveled in the character's path. Great game-play, animations, and voice-overs. worth a play.