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The art, and puns were fantastic. Thank you for a great Jam Game. Would kind of love a full game in this style and full of puns.

Fun little Game, Good Job. Def a bitter part to the year 2020... shitty prices for Tech, and SCALPERS... F in the chat for scalpers.... 

Dude that was Amazingly fun, and challenging puzzler that messed with your mind. Loved it. Great Job.

Really cool Jam Game. Great Job. Loved the atmosphere of the hurried game play along with the SFX and music. Great Vibes!

Awesome Jam Game man. Had a Great Doom Original Feel to it, especially the yellow, blue, Red keys part.... Great Job
Dang those teddy bears were like Tanks, and How the HELL did you get Squidward to agree to be part of your game xD.  Boss Fight was tough.

Great Job on the LD 46 Jam game.
I liked the idea of having 3 endings, and it took a few tries to see how to get the last one. Good Job.

Addictively fun. Well done!

Visually it looked great, controls were a bit hard to grasp, almost felt like x,y,z were backwards. and the only real grip i had was the Laser noise was very grinding on my ears, maybe it was just too loud. But all in all Top notch Job .

I truly ran into issues and restarted the project 4 times. 

It needs to be loaded on Firefox to get the music. 

However that is as far as I got text, animation, particle fix, and character controls. 

Thank you for viewing.

Good atmosphere, fun game play. wish the the power-ups had additional features. but Great play through.

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A Heart felt story line that makes you question how you would react if you traveled in the character's path. Great game-play, animations, and voice-overs. worth a play.