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Sorry i don t understand, can you explain better so i can help

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Hi my friend,

i found ot that changed some logic, that's why this happens. I already fixed the problem and I just released the 6.0; let me know if you find some problems :)

Hi my friend,

Unfortunately it's not that simple, each .pth needs all the architecture in the app code, but if you want to try you can change the name of the "newmodel.pth" to "BSRGANx4" and see if it works. At 99% Will not work :)

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Hi my friend, 

the link you posted is a Fapello-leaks link; FapelloDownloader supports only links like******/

Hi my Friend, can you give mire informations?

What links didyou use?

Ohh now i get it, 

Yes, this could be a great approach but the computational cost would be even greater than now :)

Hi my friend, and thank you :D

What do you mean, can you give me an example please ? :)

Hi my friend, you can see extracted frames and generated frames in a directory called QualityScaler_temp in the installation folder of the app, at the end of the process the app Will clean automatically temp files :)

Do not worry my friend, Is not your computer.

 It s the AI that Is really heavy but, even my PC struggles with my own apps haha. 

But they are future prof, when gpus will return ti be affordable as they was 3 years ago :)

Nice my friend! 

For Intel Iris gpus or integrated gpus you should input Vram Limiter GB option 1 or 2 Gb instead of 8 :)

Hi my friend,

what resolution is your screen? Sadly the GUI used does not works properly on fullscreen, so i disabled it; and the app is made to worki with screens > 1080p.

However you can try to hidden the Windows taskbar, this can help.

I will improve this part of the app in next releases 

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Hi my friend,

did you followed the README and installed Directx and Visual C Redistributable?

How much ram does your gpu have?  You can try to change "VRAM limiter GB" value according with your gpu capability 


You can send me a message on:


and Github:

Thank you :)

Thank you my friend :D

Do not worry my friend, some update will fix Windows 11 :D

Absolutely super manageable resolution from your 4090; at this point I really think it's Windows 11 which is not yet fully optimized.

If you can try there is ReviOS, an optimized version of Windows 10 or 11.  free of Defender, Cortana and that kind of bloatware, updated ISO every month with patches :)

Hi my friend! Thank you :D

What is the resolution of the video you are processing?

If you open the Windows Task Manager can you check that your gpu is being used?

In my testing lately I have found that Windows 11 has slowdowns in reading and writing files, and as you can imagine this impacts QualityScaler's speed a lot. Do you have windows 10 or 11?

Thank you for your feedbacks :)

Hi my friend, thank you! :D

The upscale phase for video is really slow but with super pc like yours should definitely be fast. Did you check this options?

For example: 

* AI backend option. Did you selected the right gpu? you should have 2 gpus, one integrated in cpu and the Nvidia 4090

* VRAM limiter option. Did you select the correct amount of VRAM for your gpu? For the 4090 you should select 24 GB 

* CPU number optio. Did you select the correct amount of cpus? For example your cpu has 24 cores.

Also, for the new 10.0 version that will come in few weeks there are a LOT of bugfix and improvements for video upscaling in particular :)

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Hi my friend, the Option button does not open anything, is just a "title" of the option under :)

That error means that the image does not fit in your VRAM limiter option. 

You have to select the correct number of VRAM limiter; for example if you have a gpu with 4GB of VRAM you have to select 4, if you have gpu with 6GB of VRAM you have to select 6, and so on.

What GPU do you have?  

UPDATE. I saw not from the screen that you have a integrated Intel Xe, in most case for integrated graphics 2GB Vram limiter is the perfect option :)

I hope i helped you :)

Thank you my friend, I always try to improve the app so any feedback is welcome :D

Hi my friend, 

Fapello does not allow image download, so the app takes a screenshot of the webpages and then cuts the screenshot borders.

Hi my friend, 

1. temporary files are in the installation directory 

2.thank you, I m working on It :)

Contact me on , so i can help you better :)

Strange; Is Chrome updated?

Did you followed readme and installed Visual C .zip? :)

Hi, what browser did you select? It is installed?

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Hi, can you tell me more informations? 

Did you installed Visual C Redistributable in the .zip file?

Which browser did you selected? Is it installed?


Contact me on , so i can help you better :)

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Hi, yes It s "only" the AI. 

Of course changing the AI Is not a plug&play thing, requires hours of work.


Thank you for your feedback :D


There is a bug with running as Administrator, so do not use it :)

Can you tell me more informations about your files?  For exampe, extension, path etc :)

Normaly when drop a single image or a single video the app create inside its directory a file called temp.png, is a temporal file to display the image on the app. Can you find this file?

Thank you my friend 😆

Hi, this feature is already in development :)

 thank you!

Ok, thank you :D

Hi, thank you for your feedback. And yes, i will continue to improve it :D

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Sorry, i don t know what are you talking about. I Just uploaded the new version as Always 🤔

Hi, why you can t download?

Python + VisualStudio Code

Hi, is a known bug of the library used to pack the python files in .exe :)


FapelloDownloader is a Windows app to batch download images and videos from website

Hi, thank you :D. 

yes, i'm working on this feature, it will be available on 5.0   :) 

Thank you :D