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thanks for playing. I did not expect you to leave such a  detailed review of it too. Thanks for that! Yeah I came up with the idea of an open wound mechanic from seeing alot of arrow riddled knight pictures on pinterest:)

thank you!

hi! I'll be sure to play your game and rate it as well, 

here is the game me and my team worked on, which is in 3rd place in the popularity metric atm, but we would love for more people to rate it and give feedback...thanks!

thanks for the praise!

thanks for playing! all your criticisms of the game are super valid and understandable, but as it is with a lot of game jam games, we sometimes dont have time to really iron things out :D

thank you for playing! 

Thanks for playing!

funny geam

yeah sorry about that, you need to jump on top of the car there, my bad :D

thank you! :)

Is there something here that im not getting? Its just text saying Vitreous and im not able to do anything... have i been trolled?

Hey I´m an artist looking for a  coder, I dont really have a team atm tho. Here´s my art-station

I already have a game idea in mind though, but hit me up

I´m mostly focusing on 2d right now though, due to another project im working on, Here are some images from that :


Hello, I´d like to collab, you got discord?