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Thanks for letting me know. I'll be going over all of the sprites with a fine-tooth comb before the next update. 

I am working on a fishing icon pack, that will have different rods and a ton of fish icons, that I hope to release quite soon. 

Thank you for the kind words! Wheat is actually already in the pack! I do have plans for additional packs though, with at least 50 more crops planned!

Hello, I'm so glad you're enjoying my work! 

Yeah using screenshots of the assets from your own game for promotional purposes is completely fine! 

The printed media thing is more to cover making tabletop games, trading cards and such.

Best of luck with your game!

They could definitely work, I think! They might need some minor modifications perhaps, but wouldn't look out of place in 2D.

Glad to hear work is still going ahead! 

I don't have that yet, and I'll explain why. The plan is:

  • Give the pink haired character a full set of animations in the Sprite Pack.
  • Remove the character from this pack. 
  • Overhaul this pack with much more, much better art.

If you don't have the sprite pack, let me know and I can sort you out with a download key for it, so you can get the full animation set once it's made.

Yeah, I've made a note on Trello for when I do the next update for this pack.

As in specific packages for RPG Maker, Godot, Unity etc, just to make things a little easier for some people. Stuff like this is a long way off because I'd need the time to learn more of the basics of those engines.

I'm very interested in what you're working on and would like to discuss that! My Discord username is jamiebrownhill.

Thank you so much! It was actually a last minute addition, but yeah I'm really happy how the pack turned out!

Glad you're enjoying it! I'm actually planning on adding a lot more to this soon. 

I'll also be replacing the lava dungeon very soon with a Mesoamerican themed dungeon that has lava, and also has a lot more effort in it than my previous dungeon asset. Testing has thrown up some issues so I just need to figure those out before I can release it.

That's good to hear! Itch has regular sales that I always participate in, so if you keep an eye on itch or my social media, you'll be able to get a bargain at some point soon!

Ahh thank you! Should be all fixed now!

I'm so glad you like it! I'm really excited to see what you make with it! I've got at least one update planned for it (I'd like to animate the brewing table and possibly have a stirring animation for the cauldron), so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

In case you missed it in the About section, the UI and other icon elements featured in the 2nd screenshot are from upcoming assets! Keep an eye on my social media for details on their progress!

Sadly not. I was very optimistic in the reply to that post about how much free time I would have. I'll make a note on my Trello to add that animation in for the next update, which is already being worked on. No promises but I'll try to get it out in the early part of September.

Yeah, I'll be getting to all of the characters eventually. I had to basically take a year off from making assets which is why there are still only a few characters with portraits.

I just recently commissioned an artist to make new designs for all of the characters, and I'll be commissioning them again soon to make character portraits. The plan is to have both pixel art and hand-drawn faces and busts.

Yeah, every sprite has all 4 directions.

As requested, there's now a text-free tile sheet!

As requested, all crops now have an extra growth stage!

The potions pack is mostly icons, so it will probably go into bundles with other icons once they're made, and the crops will be bundled in with other farming assets, I'm already working on a second crops pack so that will be fairly soon.

Flowers will likely be a separate pack, as it has a lot of scope, but that will be bundled in with farming stuff also.

I'm currently working on adding a human female sprite with full animations, but I'll make sure to do a female elf once that's done.

Thank you for all the input and kind words!

I get what you mean about the growth stages, the change between the second and third stages is a bit abrupt on some crops. I'll work on adding something in between.

I'm actually finishing up a potions asset pack right now! I think I also have some cauldrons in a old folder somewhere so I'll add those into the pack. 

I'm also starting work on a food pack too, so if you have any ideas for that, let me know!

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I might consider making the base sprite free in future, but there's way too much work in this to provide it for free 😅

I'll certainly think about it! It would probably be something I do as a separate asset, so I don't create a ton of work for myself in the future 😅

Nah this is AI

and remove the "pixel art" tag

It's cool. I'll make sure to add a note to future devlogs!

Your work is great and you should charge more for it! 💚

Alternatively you can access all of your purchases from your library and click the download button there.

It's more of a problem with itch that they still give people the option to pay again for things already purchased.

You don't have to buy updates. If you click "Download" at the top of the asset page, you'll get the latest version of the files I've uploaded to the page.

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This is an asset pack, all graphics, no code. As such, it doesn't have bugs, there were some minor art issues. Also this asset has always been paid, and always been marked as in development. There is more than enough information on the product page for people to make an informed purchase.

Edit: After seeing another comment, I realise you may be confused by's UI, and the fact it lets people purchase things they already own, and that's not my fault.

Thank you! This was a fun one to make 😁

Of course, I'll make a note to fix that. Thanks for letting me know!

Awesome, I'm so glad you find it useful!

Thanks so much! I'm really happy with how it turned out!

I didn't even realise you made game assets! Your work is really lovely 💚

Thank you so much! 💚 It's honestly been awesome getting back into making assets! Hope everything's going well for you!

You can use this tool to upscale the assets 3x to match MV's 48x48 tile size. 

Once you've done that you'll need to change the dimensions and move things around to match the dimensions of MV's tile sheets.

None of the walls or floors are set up for autotiling, so you'd need to hand place wall and floor tiles.

RPG Maker compatibility is something I might add in future. 

No problem! It's actually good for me to double check things sometimes. I often miss the most obvious errors.

That would be fantastic! I just had a little play around on Vryell's page. I'll be in touch about about this soon, once I've sorted some things out!

Thank you Yana! 💚 I finally have some time to really get into making assets, so hopefully as I make more, it will be come much more enticing for someone to make a full game!

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It says files, not full folder. You need to copy the files from RPG Maker folder into the relevant folders in your project.