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Hi Placco, thanks for the input! I don't have a video tutorial for Mesh Edit but there's now a written tutorial for the tool's latest version here:

(1 edit)

Thanks Jofers, glad you like it.

You can control the snapping more precisely with Shift+Ctrl, or if you zoom in to the model the snapping distance will get shorter.

When you extrude any faces it should extrude along the average normal of those faces, I can't replicate that error in any other version of Mesh Edit. That does happen if you only extrude edges without a face though so I can take a look at that.

Thanks! I'm really glad the tool is helping.

Oh, I'd actually never realised you could Alt+LMB to rotate the camera! I've always been using RMB, which works in those modes but not when you click on the mesh itself. I'll see what I can do about using Alt+LMB as well, having inputs eaten is really frustrating.

I'd like to add more material settings to the editor but that's going to take a while, it would be great to have full control over those properties inside Mesh Edit so I'll take a look.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey Rain! Thanks for buying Mesh Edit.
If you hold CTRL/CMD while extruding, the faces will snap to a certain degree.
The amount they snap by is based on how zoomed in you are to the model, so if it's snapping too far out you can zoom in to control it better. Alternatively you can hold CTRL/CMD + Shift while extruding for fine snapping.
If you want a large number of equally sized cubes you can also extrude over a large distance and loop cut the extruded piece of the mesh with Shift + R.

Hope that helps!

Hi Joe, thanks for buying the tool! There's no tutorial video at the moment, but there is a list of shortcuts that comes with the unitypackage. This error should come up whenever you create a new custom mesh, but it shouldn't stop you from using the tool. When you get the error is it stopping you from doing anything else in Unity?

Hi Mikolaj, thanks for the kind words! My goal with Mesh Edit is to make a modelling and texturing tool that runs inside Unity, so I don't think I'll ever have a version that runs standalone. If you're looking for a standalone application, some great alternatives are Sprytile and Crocotile.

Hey Jofers, I've been working on the new features but like I said before I'm not working on it full time. I'm hoping to have the next update out in a week or two.

Hi Renoki, thanks for buying the tool!
You can't assign different materials to the one mesh, I'll take a look and see how difficult it'd be to implement.

Lighting will affect the meshes you make if you assign a material/shader that accepts lighting. By default, the shader used it unlit so you would have to switch it with a lit shader.

There's no formal documentation yet, but a short guide can be found in the zipped folder you downloaded.

Hope that helps!

Not for a while I'm sorry! I'm juggling other projects currently and it'll take a bit of time to add the new features to Mesh Edit.

I'm hoping I'll have time to update it over the next month.

Thanks for buying the tool!
When you enter the Mesh Edit mode, you can select vertices with the right mouse button and transform them using the keyboard shortcuts G (to translate), R (to rotate) and S (to scale). You can also extrude selected faces into new geometry with E.
Switching from vert select to face select mode will make it easier to select faces you want to extrude.

Hope that helps, the full shortcut guide comes with the package, it has more shortcuts listed as well.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you're enjoying the tool, if I have the time I'll try to clear up the issues in the next version :)

Thanks for buying the tool! Sorry you're having trouble with it. Can you make sure that there are no errors are being thrown in the console and that you're using a recent version of Unity? (I'm using 2018.2.1f1)

If neither of those work, try importing the package into a new Unity project and let me know if you're still having issues.

I'll post an update to followers on Itch when a new version is up, but you'll still have to download and re-install the package.

Thanks Coyowl!

I thought I'd update it a bit more before uploading it to the Unity Asset Store. When everything's working correctly I'd be happy to :)

Thanks very much! I'm glad you like it.


Mesh Edit is more similar to Blender but it runs in Unity like ProBuilder does.

The advantages are that it has a unique set of texturing tools, it lets you animate parts of your textures and the shortcuts are similar to Blender's, so it doesn't take much effort to switch between the two tools.

Hi Jofers, thanks for the feedback!

I'll fix what I can for the next update :)

Thanks so much Sadegh! I'm really glad you liked it :)

Thanks very much! I appreciate the feedback :)

Thanks Zugai! :D

Thanks Crabby!! I really appreciate it :D

Thanks for the heads up! Just fixed it :)

Thanks for the feedback, I'm happy to hear you liked the game!
I can see what you mean about the tweeting puzzle.

Thanks Leaf! I'm really glad you like it :)

Thanks Chris! It'd be cool to see a demo, the more grappling hook games the better :)

Thanks so much Leaf! It's really cool to see Silver Grapple on the front page of the site.
I'd be happy to send you a version of the image with proportions that would fit better if you think it'd help.

Silver Grapple is a fast paced 2D platformer that lets you swing through the air at the speed of sound! Explore an expansive underground laboratory that's been buried and abandoned years after the mysterious accident that shut it down. After disaster strikes, your goal is to save whoever you can and escape the crumbling facility, rocketing through the ruins with your Silver Grappling Hook!

After five years of development, Silver Grapple launches today! For launch week we're having a 10% discount on the game.
Check out the game's page here: