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If you need one, lmk

Are you gonna update the version on the TIC 80 site?

Using Steam version 4.0, latest build. 

Simply put, the tool is just not accepting whatever tilesets I attempt to import, including the ones I made specifically and even just random images as a test. Nothing shows up and I cannot even get started with this. 
I have followed all basic troubleshooting steps, including but not limited to relaunching Blender, reinstalling the plugin, and rebooting my computer. I seriously do not want to have to use an older Blender build just to use this. 

So wait, this is p much the stop n swop on crack, isn't it?

If you do want to make a legitimate port, may I suggest attempting to mod Faceball 3D to be Wolfenstein and work from there?

Seems interesting, but I'm not getting anything good from it

Damn, looks like I gotta pay for the engine then...

Is there any way I can get this game to launch in retroarch?

If you are still in need of a guy for graphics and already have a game idea, I might be able to churn out some stuff for you

The point is to see the new features, not just experience the same old game that I already have ripped from my dad's floppy, an index (probably the ONLY headset kit I will invest in) still goes for over a grand and needs a LOT of open space to work with. I can't afford either at my current state.

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It would be interesting to have a spider demo event for this, same with 10,000 years of evolution. They definitely have some epic designs that could span into a larger roster if you need to. 

Edit: original character idea: Afro Demourai. Literally just a spoof on Afro Samurai, lol. Haven't watched the show before to flesh the idea out 

That is something I definitely want to see happen considering I didn't get a chance to get my hands on the other 2 games, mostly because I had no knowledge about the games...

FarSky community · Created a new topic Thanks

Thanks for taking the time to upload it here. This was an amazing game that really deserved to be enjoyed by everyone, even though it is in a postmortem state. I still own and occasionally play my steam copy of the game, but I'll make sure to nudge people over here if they are interested in playing. Before I forget, is this an open-source build or not? If not, it's kinda a shame, I know there are many of people who would want to see how much further they could bring this orphaned game.

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Downvote me if you wish, but we need a blatantly visible play button on the menu, my dumb ass can't figure out how to see what this has become

So, the game does not adequately teach me how to play, and it is next to impossible to do so when the enemy EVERY match is literally making a b-line to my front lines, I've tried a lot of things, such as shoving my adversary small nations to slow em down, but every time they still break down my door before I have a good enough defense. This game is just too much of a pain to be worth getting into.

So, I ran into a couple of bugs:
1. I cannot seem to continue a campaign when a country "triumphs"
2. The tip boxes do not fit in the screen when not in full screen

Spider wall, spider wall, does whatever a wall can do

I kinda wish there were graphics for these animals, would be neat to see what cursed creations could become of this

Would be neat to see Aliensrock try this out

Yeah, I think flipping would be neccessary. I guess the only way to resolve my problems with the zoomed out issue would be to make a PicoTron port that can allow for a larger screen size. Also, yes, my first experience with this game was on Mobile rather than PC

This is a pretty nice AoE clone. I just wish being able to read what certain units were doing was easier, enemy units were more obviously labeled (perhaps a red outline?), and that I could retreat units from combat rather than then remaining in it despite my orders.

I think having a muted dark green with lime text can fix the page, the other bit is more tricky, all I can say is use darker colors

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My eyes actually hurt from looking at this, can you please change the colors to be something that doesn't make me cry blood? (Both the page UI and the game itself)

It's probably a difficulty curve situation. I'm a rock band unplugged and Tetris addict...

Also, yeah, I think a difficulty toggle could do nicely here.

Looks and plays well, but man does this feel too easy...

Pretty cool, hoping this gets an update to be playable without VR so I can experience the retools without wasting a lot of money on a headset...

A pretty nice brisk game, could do with having spacebar also control the player. I also happened to cheese several levels, which is kinda funny and I don't want the cheese gone

Game severely needs lag optimizations, high entity counts severely lag matches

Hey poly, any plans to make a browser version?

The water bottle should react if you hit it with the physics object


Is there any chance we could get a Zip of these sprites in case we don't yet have the game but still wish to release asset packs for it?

This was a pretty fun take on Sudoku, my only request is a dark theme that I can use with this.

It cant seem to load the font here

Honestly, doing a switch port is really easy, you just need to upload a unity build with gamepad support.

I have a bad idea. Remember phone VR? Turns out you can still make Google cardboard stuff, so here's my bad idea, make a phone VR port of this or some other game you made. (Honestly, if you actually do this, you have my praise and it will give me a good gauge to see if I should do it)

Looks neat, I'll look into trying it out later

It would be neat to see this be a full-on game

Thanks. I wanted to have a bit of a challenge, so I decided to pick up PicoCAD.

The game is pretty temperamental, if you hear that high-pitched sound while on a block, hit a (make sure you have the grass seed selected)