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James Poole

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This is unreal! The puzzles are great and I'm working my way through them slowly. Music and visuals feel very polished as well!

Thank you for making this!

Best game ever.

I was on the edge of my toilet seat for the hole game

Thank you for making this

Thank you for the lovely comment! I'm so glad you got something from it and enjoyed it!

I'm sorry that the game was crashing for you; it is tricky to make sure that it works on every machine! If you reach out to me at the discord link above, I am happy to hear more about the issues to try and resolve them!

I am glad you still got some value from the game and thank you for the comment!

Thanks for playing! I'm thrilled you got to chill out as a frog! 

Other players need to be online to show up in the pond. Sometimes there might be connection issues with the server in which a quick restart will normally fix the issue!