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Thank you so much for playing! While I am thankful for everyone's kind words, I've got to say that it means a little bit more coming from you because "Shrobbery" has been my favorite game in this jam so far. (Although "Friday Afternoon Escape" is a close 2nd.)

This was intended to be an online game, but I ran out of time :(

I probably would have had time to finish the multiplayer if I hadn't spent so long tweaking the bots. But in reality, I know that the bots were more important because it is unlikely that I would have been able to keep at least 6 players inside my game at all times. 

Anyway, enough digressing and side questing. Thank you so much for the suggestion. I'll be uploading a patch some time tomorrow based on suggestions from these comments and on other forums. Thank you for taking the time to review my game! :)

Thank you so much for the play! I am so glad that you enjoyed it. :D

This game was intended to have multiplayer, but I ran out of time :(

I guess I can always continue to work on this game after the jam has concluded though. We'll just have to wait and see what the future holds!

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Thanks for playing! I am glad that you enjoyed it! :D

I really appreciate the feedback. I had someone on a different forum also mention the cars being difficult to find. I just got home a little bit ago. So, I'll try to patch in some red exit signs to help players navigate the level better before bed tonight.

The Jewels values do increase the farther away from the lot, but they also become more valuable the more often they are attempted to be stolen. The idea was that a fight over which player would get some particular jewel would become more valuable, and therefore more "worth it" for the player to keep fighting over it, while also encourage other players to sneak off and try to get a different jewel. In practice, I'm noticing players do as you have described.

Maybe this mechanic should be removed? Grow at a slower rate? I'm happy to have the feedback and am open to suggestions.

2nd game that I have given straight 5's for. Excellent concept - so relatable. The graphics were consistent and matched the theme really well. The voice acting was an excellent touch that added a lot of personality to the game. Also, I've really got to hand it to you for running with the limitation. Just an amazing amount of creativity and vision in this game. My only complaint is that there is just the one level :(

Is it too much to ask for an update with more levels? lol

Thank you! I had originally planned on having full multiplayer support, but ran out of time, so we all got stuck with the bots. I am happy that you liked anyway! :)

Thank you for play, I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :D

Thank you for building a really cool game for me to play :)

Thank you! Don't forget to update your game page too so that players non involved with the jam can read it too!

Really interesting twist on the theme. I'm glad to see it got updated with names for each of the characters as CPOrt suggested.

Perfect 5/7 - would play again!

First game that I have given straight 5's for. Magnificent work! The story is cute, the game play provides an excellent twist to the theme, there are enough levels to show to really explore the mechanic, and finally, there is a enough polish to shine an entire army's worth of shoes. Fantastic job!

Not bad for 12ish hours of work. If nothing else it fun enough to play through twice :)

Also - I am the big oof who worked really hard to get to that extra bit of the level with the secret message. YOU JUST MADE AN ENEMY FOR LIFE!

All jokes aside - thanks for making a fun game :)

Lol - don't worry about it. I didn't have much time for testing either and have been quietly patching some bugs myself.

I really did enjoy this, and I'd like to play it again tomorrow morning and see if I can't beat it on the second go around.  Levels 7 and 9 are going down this time! >:)

Going by the screen grabs, the graphics look really nice, but I can't seem to make it out of the first room. I don't really want to give this a rating until I can play more of the game. Could you update the game page with some instructions for how to play?

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I really liked the training simulation as a framing device to explain the non-violence, good job with that.

The critiquey-ness type thing that I would like to say is that I don't like using the soft lights for collision detection. It made it really difficult for me to tell when I was about to get caught or not.

But let's be real for a moment, this game isn't here to show off your lighting effects. The real meat and potatoes of this game is the UI presentation. Holy crap! Absolutely out of this world! There is enough juice in those buttons, prompts, and little windows to open a lemonade stand. :D

I also went with a museum heist, but our interpretations are wildly different. I love the concept behind using the bribes to pay your way in - wish to goodness that I had thought of that :P

Anyway - this is some excellent work! First game yet that I wasn't able to beat. Made it as far as level 9. But man, let me tell you about level 7 - RIP :(

Thank you for making! It was a lot of fun!

Just a heads up - you definitely need to make a note on the page that you have to be in full screen mode to play it. I thought some of the levels were straight up impossible until I figured that out.

The game did get much better after that :P 

Prop surfing for days!

Tricky little puzzler, took me a minute to solve that final level.

Only real critique that I have is that the controls are a little wonky - specifically the laser. Using the numpad to control the different gem powers was an excellent choice though.

I am absolutely blown away by the presentation! Art is amazing, good selection of sound effects and music, and even had a complete tutorial and final cut scene. Excellent work!

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Really nice work for your 2nd project ever!

Everything moves at breakneck speed. I could barely keep up, but I finally made it to the "real" last level :)

Wish it had more levels, dude ;)

Excellent work!