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Thank you so much for playing! While I am thankful for everyone's kind words, I've got to say that it means a little bit more coming from you because "Shrobbery" has been my favorite game in this jam so far. (Although "Friday Afternoon Escape" is a close 2nd.)

This was intended to be an online game, but I ran out of time :(

I probably would have had time to finish the multiplayer if I hadn't spent so long tweaking the bots. But in reality, I know that the bots were more important because it is unlikely that I would have been able to keep at least 6 players inside my game at all times. 

Anyway, enough digressing and side questing. Thank you so much for the suggestion. I'll be uploading a patch some time tomorrow based on suggestions from these comments and on other forums. Thank you for taking the time to review my game! :)