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also one thing i would like to see in game is some place where i can put my stuff an organizing system basically or like boxes to put my stuff in and a few boxes not just 1 maybe like 6 or maybe instead of boxes like cabneits or somthing idk just somthing to organize all the items i don't like having to look around the entire house for the item

i love the game but what keeps happpening for me is that like every 10 seconds the game would just stop and i cant move frames stop moving (kinda like when you are lagging) and it syays like that for a good 5-20 seconds it gets really annoying and i don't know what the problem is becuase in task manager my cpu is still 20%

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this is my first time downloading and trying to run the game i have tried multiple times but the same thing keeps happend as soon as i click shopsim.exe application it says windows cannot access the specified decive, path or file you may not have the appropriate access im not sure how to reproduce the issue and my computer specs are a AMD A10-570M-APU with Radeon(tm) HD Grapics 2.50ghz and 8gb ram and 64 bit operating system

seach this up on google images to see the error its the same as what i have

windows cannot access the specified device, path or file you may not have the appropriate access error