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That's the thing though, I think there is room for an alternative to the current corpos (4.0?). I'm thinking that there could be some kind of way to be an indie publisher and keep the vultures out by the stock type. If somebody were to sell preferred stocks (e.g. stock without voting rights) to the investors, whoever is in charge of this indie publisher effectively locks them out of this kind of crap.

Corpo 5.0

Yeah, the corpos are doing part of the job for me: they are giving developers experience and then cutting them loose. Hey laid off devs, they cut you loose. I have a different plan. Make yourself some new IP and let's publish some stuff independent of the corpo publishers. Keep the speculators out.

Microsoft gutted Tango Gameworks and everybody who works on the Evil Within and Hi-Fi Rush. I want to get some people together and publish the Malice Inside and Wi-Fi Hush. Bring us your barely-legally distinct, stylish, niche games and let's try something else. 

What with the meltdown of the gaming industry, it pains me to know there are so many talented people passionate about their projects losing their jobs. I was thinking, then, how could I go about finding people with pet projects they want to publish on Steam, but might need a bit more money for marketing or development to get their project out the door?

The idea is crowd-investing (as opposed to crowd funding) for gamers to keep talent out of the capricious hands of megacorps on a project-by-project basis. There are tons of great projects here on Itch, so I thought you guys would be able to give me some insight on how to do this.

The idea is probably way too big for me to accomplish, and probably requires way more money than I can provide myself to help even a single developer. But I wanted to throw the idea out there and see if I can find out who these teams are, and what kind of money/knowledge/etc they need.

This is awesome and zen-simple. It is like a level builder ala Minecraft! I love it!

Hello, will you make this open source and put it on GitHub? I would like to be able to fix issues and delve more into the code.

This looks awesome! Which engine did you use?

I just picked this up and played through a bit of it. On the whole, I like it. I am looking forward to loading this up on my Gameboy emulator and playing it. 

  • The art style is so very GameBoy Color, in that "Mega Man Xtreme" kind of look.
  • The music is definitely reminiscent of the Castlevanias on the original GameBoy.
  • The slide ability rocks my socks! You definitely capture many of the best aspects of platforming during that era.
  • Screen shake when you hit an enemy. This is so extremely satisfying. 

There is only one area that could use some polish, and I would very much like to see this improved.

  • Jumping doesn't feel right -- it's too fast and makes it difficult to time attacks in mid air. The character's velocity should be damped down a bit. I can never seem to jump and whip the candles up high the first time.

Glad I picked this up. Looking forward to more in the series!

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This is pretty great! I started out a bit skeptical. I'm not such a fan of the art style, but the gameplay is solid. Playing as the red sister felt a bit like a beat-em-up version of Cinder from Killer Instinct, and I loved being Cinder in Killer Instinct! I am going to try this again with my arcade stick.

Hello! These are pretty awesome! Thanks for making them available.

Do these parts have names? Many of these appear to have specialized uses that I am not aware of. Love the idea of having a weapon modding system in my game!

TLDR: If you're thinking about buying this, go for it. It is a fantastic solo developed game.

Danny, I gotta say CONGRATULATIONS. I checked this out a year ago on Android, but a bit disappointed. I discovered it here on and it AMAZING how much you have improved this game. Shut up, take my money!

Danny, I gotta say CONGRATULATIONS. I checked this out a year ago on Android, but a bit disappointed. I discovered it here on and it AMAZING how much you have improved this game. Shut up, take my money!

This is AWESOME!!! I can't wait to see more of it. 

This is an awesome art style, I love looking at this. From what I could play, the mechanics seem like hit-detection needs some work. However, optimization seems to be a major issue. Granted, I have older hardware, but this game doesn't seem like it should overtax my system. The game runs very slowly. 

I will be keeping an eye on this, and I absolutely encourage you to keep working on this novel title. Do you have a Discord server for the game?

This is a blast to play! Great job! We can really tell this is truly a fan game in the best possible way. I would love to see your take on Sonic Spinball if you ever take that on.

This game rocks! It is Bayonetta but pink -- so much Pink it may be Toxic. 

This is one of my favorites of the 12. I'm not much into Battle Royale games, but this is enthralling. I hope Yahtzee comes back to this concept and develops it after Starstruck Vagabon. I could see an enhancement where we manage sponsorships for specific players and some fan interaction that gives sponsored players buffs. 


Love these packs. What kind of licensing do these have? Could I use them in a commercial product?

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This pack is awesome! Moonlight Sonata rocks and the rest are awesome, too!

Awesome! This looks fantastic. I have a minor obsession with IDTech1. Always glad to find another game.

I would love to listen to it on YouTube, but the video is unavailable.

What engine did you use? It looks fantastic, like you have have used Duke3D. 

Hello Shadowmane!

Do you do commissions? I have a project in mind and I would absolutely love to commission some tracks from you for the demo.

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Great Sega Genesis (or Megadrive) inspired music. I'm not a game developer, just a chiptune enthusiast. 

Scorched Earth is a mid-tempo rockin' track that would be perfect for a brawler. It sounds like two fighters exchanging blows. 

Xealot is a higher tempo track that evokes images of a high speed chase. 

Chemicals is a slow-tempo track that would be good for an opening menu or a cut scene. It's ominous. 

I also got this exact message. 

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I love that the power cell looks like a Duracell battery. It's a nice way of conveying what it is with visual shorthand.

Also, how do you get off the first city map? I spoke to Squidberg, bought the ship, but I can't find the ship on the map.