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Jaded Serpent Man

A member registered Aug 01, 2020

Recent community posts

First 5 minutes:This girl is so unrelentingly cheerful.  She some kind of yandere?  Or just sickeningly friendly?

Last 5 minutes:Well, they aren't a yandere.  Not sure if that makes it better or worse with what I know.  Yikes.

Might be being jaded, but that level of friendliness felt more unsettling than finding a "secret abattoir"....

Nice game, look forward to the sequel.

Just beat hard mode.  Recommend impossible difficulty.

What about the airlock?

Played for awhile.  Learned you have a max 12 hearts, and the game ends at 100.

Thought they said "Survive 12 rounds"?

Still, wouldn't mind a burger...just after my hands recover.

Maybe it's me being jaded, but I was tired of the narrator after round 3.  Sort of a "Ok, buddy, what's your deal with that thing?  Why do you have such a big problem with them?"

I can't say I know enough about the sad looking stump to hate them.  But, can say I know quite enough about the narrator to hate them instead.  Though I doubt throwing insults at them would accomplish much...

Still, good writing.  Just a shame I've read into enough bleak stuff that it barely registers with me.  

Not to rain on things, but the last page(13) has the line "They seemed seemed to shiver."  That typo made me chuckle.  It didn't take away from 'what' shivered in the fading light on the last page.

Stories is still good, don't worry.  Kinda wish there were illustrations like the Iosefka book had.  Style is still nice.

Came for a joyful murder party, got so much more.  Even if a bit hard at times.  The art, music, and setting are quite well done.  It's fun to see nobility and madness in the same house.

Figure this will be the strangest comment, but feels it needs to be said. 

Despite Trixie being a wimp, or coward, or such things, they are a breath of fresh air.  After playing lovecraft-like games with yet another grizzled detective(drinking problem optional), Trixie is a nice surprise.  For one, despite their faults, Trixie can be likeable and memorable.

You got humor, not just the constant bleakness of cosmic spheres all the time.  There's weight when things go bad and you worry what will happen next.  Everyone feels like a character, and have nice dreams beyond that lurking horror hinted to exist.  It's all rather pleasant, yet still holds the "things which exist in the dark corners of the earth" feel as well.

Sometimes, all you need to bring down a 18th century necromancer is a very committed family physician.  And that guy didn't even need a gun to defeat old Curwin.  If only other game titles understood simplicity with horror.  Not always bleak, not always chasing shadows, and no monster waves to fight off.

Might feel like a La Rose rant on glitter, but this is an eldritch setting I look forward to revisiting time and again.