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I absolutely love the art and theme on this one, monochrome, creepy, trashy and hand-drawn, its all perfect. However, I am not a huge fan of the slidey and stiff controls.

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You never fail to deliver cool sci-fi, even if it takes heavy inspiration ;) Would've loved some extra spoopy elements and scary sounds though. Straight up cool as heck.

I kind of feel bad for the slimes and snails, unless they were friends of the mushrooms. If they were they got what was coming.

Not the first pptx I seen so far, but they haven't disappointed me yet.

PS: I hope you got the quarter. 

Hmmm.... Pompous games are simply just fun. 

We tried to explain some things on the fly in the text boxes. But really we had planned on easing everything in with more levels that we ran out of time for. I hope you figured everything out ok. 

Glad to hear you liked the game! Sorry about some of the tricky shots, some of the level design and testing was a bit rushed so while everything is complete, there is a few places to improve to ease frustration on shots that should be passable.

Now I really wanna see some more Gromb Fortress 2 :D

Yes I noticed usually when I would walk towards the camera.

Very Posh very cool. Loving the minigames. 

Game was pretty cool and all. I really liked that animations, but it crashed 3 times on me in less than 5 mins so kind of difficult to play. 

I usually despise RPGs but this one was some quick and good fun.