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The latest release, the PC version is not marked as compatible with Linux, even though it is. This means I can't install it through launcher and have to install it manually. Could you please mark it as compatible with Linux, like you did before?

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I loved this game, the art, character design, setting, story are all amazing. Oh, and both main characters really handsome too ;)
I also love how you make us think, but also tell us immediately if we made the potion correctly or not, not making us guess. This is great and kind of unique in VNs.

But I would love a guide, official or not, or at least list of the endings. I really enjoyed it, but found 4 endings (1, 4, 5 and 6). I would love to see the rest. Maybe even make the guide paid, I would certainly buy it.

And although art is quite important, we are here for the story and characters, no matter who paints them.

Good luck with finding a new artist and I hope there isn't too much bad blood between you and Bullstorm.

I really liked the current art, but I'm sure new artist you will find will be able to still capture the same characters

I like it so far, but could you work a bit on how this game is marked in Itch? I think you need to mark the .html file as play in browser. Other .html can be run right from this page without downloading, or even downloaded through Itch launcher so they launch in their own window.

My favourite character, can't wait!

Great, not it can be installed bu itch launcher. I can confirm it works on Linux.

You can remove the description for launching it on Linux as it is common knowledge.

The pc version works on Linux, you could mark it that it works on both Windows and Linux so it can be installed through launcher.

FYI as you launch the game on windows by running .exe, you run it on linux using .sh

Absolutely stunning trailer, but I haven't realised how much time it is till the release.

Oh well, can't wait!

What a cute short game, great job! And thank for including Linux version, many forget to do that.

I can't wait for today's Patreon build, have been excited for it for an entire day!

Also 6$ is not a lot, but as you pay it every month, and the development will take a year or 2, you will pay for this game more than an AAA title.

So 6$/month is not that little.

@Luther C. I agree with you. They can be sad games with no good endings, but author needs to communicate that they are, because it is very rare to get a game  like that.

When I first played it and got attached to the character no route was complete and I was sure there would be a good ending. So many books and games tought me there is always a good ending, and those games were a bad suprise.

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"19. Try not to go overboard with the bad endings? That's not to say a story should be all unicorns and sunshines with no conflicts whatsoever, but I don't want to play a game all the way through only to feel completely miserable at the end."

Yeah, f*uck you Echo, Adastra and Smoke Room!

But honestly it was hard to emotionally recover from that endings, and I play games to escape hardships of real live, not to make me feel like shit, because character I was playing made everybody suffer.

Could you please tag the PC version as both Windows and Linux compatible? It works just fine on Linux, and if you change that it can be installed on Linux via the Itch launcher.

I really love how the main character has his his artistic thoughts about many characters, like I do in real life. Some of the sensual thoughts also seem realistic and not out of place. I hope it won't force players to stay laser focused on one character while abandoning others.

Also please, please don't make this story into something grim and sad like Echo and Adastra, this starts out as such a lovely story!

It is a pity that his story is now just half a day long, but it is so much better than it was before, I love it. It is so cool you added the backstory and we know what the characters feel and why.

What is the aproximate release date?

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Thank you so much for this option, I already purchased this one and I really like itch launcher a lot more than downloading from Patreon.

Could you mark the PC build you uploaded as compatible with Windows and Linux, like you used to? This way I could easily download it through the launcher.

I checked and it contains .sh Linux executable, so you can safely do that.

No, I would like to know the text of this song, because it is hard to hear in the game. It would be great if it was posted in written form, or on YouTube (like some other games do), where you can rewind or ask in the comments.

Is there any way to get the text or THE SONG (on a certain character's route) outside of the game? I can't understand some of it and it is somewhat important to the story, and I really want to know the text.

Is it correct that TJ only gets one ending? It was heart wrenching to me and I would really like to see an alternative one.

If anybody knows if there is a different ending please reply, I will try to get it.

After playing it again, it did show up this time, so maybe I accidentally skipped previously

[spoiler]It previously didn't show anything on heart failure[/spoiler]

So right now there are only 3 endings (2 with their name)? This game is interesting despite being so short.

Could you add Linux version? The Windows one already can be run on Linux (via but can't be installed with app because you haven't marked it as Linux one

Could you upload the Linux version for chapter 10? I know you had internet problems, so no rush.

I really like what's already there, and as 3D models aren't that common in VN's, especially as nice as those, it is quite unique, but there is a thing I really don't like:

The daily activities. They simply make the game seem repetitive. Also they make me feel as if I'm missing out story parts or wasting characters life in that multitude of choices. I feel like that not necessarily because of your game, but others more complete ones. I haven't found any implementation of this idea I liked. 

Of course this is your game and I wish you luck fulfilling your ideas, but my suggestion is to reduce daily activities to minimum.

Promising game otherwise, professor Beelzebub seems interesting.