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I really like what's already there, and as 3D models aren't that common in VN's, especially as nice as those, it is quite unique, but there is a thing I really don't like:

The daily activities. They simply make the game seem repetitive. Also they make me feel as if I'm missing out story parts or wasting characters life in that multitude of choices. I feel like that not necessarily because of your game, but others more complete ones. I haven't found any implementation of this idea I liked. 

Of course this is your game and I wish you luck fulfilling your ideas, but my suggestion is to reduce daily activities to minimum.

Promising game otherwise, professor Beelzebub seems interesting.


Thanks for the feedback. I feel similarly with the daily activities. I’m considering going much more linear in story (still with seven paths) to keep the repetition at bay. We’ll see! :)