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Oui, deux personnes nous ont fait ce retour. En fait il faut avoir la patience de fouiller pour trouver les passages secrets dans lesquels il y a de la vie. Au début le jeu était trop facile, on a rééquilibré comme on a pu. Merci du commentaire !

Thanks for your feedback !

We still have a lot of adjustments to make, and the controls were in a cutscene that we didn't find how to put it in the game :D.

I don't think we will make it turn-based, but we will change the behaviour of the differents ennemies for sure. And we will fix the ending too :D

Yup, we didn't had the time to make the game end after the cutscene... We will do it in the future. 
Thanks for the feedback !

I absolutely loved your game !
It looks like it isn't quite finished indeed, but the idea behind the gameplay is great !
Can't wait to see what you are going to do from this.

Thanks! Yeah that's something that we are definitely going to fix :)  

Hi ! Just tested your game yesterday with some friends and it was amazing ! We really had a lot of fun. Thanks a lot for your work.