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Thanks for the speedy reply, that's okay. I'll do my best without for the time being.

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Sorry to be a pest but I was hoping to import custom textures within Asset Forge. I understand that this feature will become available within the next big update of Asset Forge (fathomed 2.0), is there any ETA on the release of this update? I really do love using Asset Forge and wish to complete my projects within it as it offers the best features and usability among the competing pieces of software, however I will struggle to use it without this vital feature.


Sorry, I now understand what your reply means after researching. Before, I think Materials and Textures were basically the same thing, but now I understand that they clearly are not and that Asset Forge actually does not allow for textures to be imported. Apologies, and thank you for the assistance. 

The collections that are available through the Custom Blocks forum have textures on a lot of the objects, such as this:

Within these collections, there are OBJ files as well as a MTL file with textures, that are imported into Asset Forge.

I'm 99.9% sure that you can, as long as you reference Kenny in your credits.


Firstly, thank you for taking the time to develop such a useful, clean and innovative piece of software that ACTUALLY works well. Awesome work!

I have to admit, I'm rather new to the whole scene of meshes, texturing and objects, however I am slowly progressing. I have both Blender and Maya, as well as Asset Forge, and I am able to utilise all three pieces of software to create pretty much whatever I need.

However, I'm having some trouble with importing OBJ files into Asset Forge through the Collection system. I have access to a unity package, that has many "prefab" building parts and such that I would love to use in my Asset Forge projects. I want to make it clear that I do not want to export the Asset Forge projects and import them into Unity, I would rather take the prefabs out of Unity and then put them into my Asset Forge projects.

In order to extract the "prefab" files, I have used two methods;

- Use an OBJ Extractor, where I select the prefab and export it as an OBJ file type along with the textures / materials, creating an OBJ file as well as a MTL file to match.

- Use a FBX Extractor, where I select the prefab and export it as a FBX file, which then creates a FBX file as well an FBM folder with the correct texture included. I then convert these files into an OBJ and MTL file using an online converter.

The resulting OBJ and MTL files are added to a corresponding Collections folder, and can be accessed within Asset Forge. However, when the objects are placed, they have NO texture / colour etc; they are the default gray colour. This is an issue as a lot of the prefabs have mutliple colours / textures, but when I use the colour & texture tools within Asset Forge, the objects are treated as one model and are filled with one colour / texture as opposed to being segregated where the textures were initially applied. (For example, a Tree model should have a brown / wood-like texture and colour, and the leaves should be green. However, in Asset Forge, the whole tree is green.)

Please can somebody shed some light on how to get a prefab from Unity into Asset Forge with the correct textures? Is this even possible?