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Asset Forge

Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

Asset Forge 2.0

A topic by iZeusi created 25 days ago Views: 83 Replies: 2
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Sorry to be a pest but I was hoping to import custom textures within Asset Forge. I understand that this feature will become available within the next big update of Asset Forge (fathomed 2.0), is there any ETA on the release of this update? I really do love using Asset Forge and wish to complete my projects within it as it offers the best features and usability among the competing pieces of software, however I will struggle to use it without this vital feature.


Hey! It's indeed a planned feature for the next release, I can't give an ETA though :( I've recently lost my hard drive due to a failure inside the disks which means I lost a lot of progress. I'm working as quick as I can and I'll keep everyone updated on the progress, I can however not give an ETA.

Thanks for the speedy reply, that's okay. I'll do my best without for the time being.