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Importing OBJ into Asset Forge, Texture Issues

A topic by iZeusi created Jan 28, 2019 Views: 231 Replies: 3
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Firstly, thank you for taking the time to develop such a useful, clean and innovative piece of software that ACTUALLY works well. Awesome work!

I have to admit, I'm rather new to the whole scene of meshes, texturing and objects, however I am slowly progressing. I have both Blender and Maya, as well as Asset Forge, and I am able to utilise all three pieces of software to create pretty much whatever I need.

However, I'm having some trouble with importing OBJ files into Asset Forge through the Collection system. I have access to a unity package, that has many "prefab" building parts and such that I would love to use in my Asset Forge projects. I want to make it clear that I do not want to export the Asset Forge projects and import them into Unity, I would rather take the prefabs out of Unity and then put them into my Asset Forge projects.

In order to extract the "prefab" files, I have used two methods;

- Use an OBJ Extractor, where I select the prefab and export it as an OBJ file type along with the textures / materials, creating an OBJ file as well as a MTL file to match.

- Use a FBX Extractor, where I select the prefab and export it as a FBX file, which then creates a FBX file as well an FBM folder with the correct texture included. I then convert these files into an OBJ and MTL file using an online converter.

The resulting OBJ and MTL files are added to a corresponding Collections folder, and can be accessed within Asset Forge. However, when the objects are placed, they have NO texture / colour etc; they are the default gray colour. This is an issue as a lot of the prefabs have mutliple colours / textures, but when I use the colour & texture tools within Asset Forge, the objects are treated as one model and are filled with one colour / texture as opposed to being segregated where the textures were initially applied. (For example, a Tree model should have a brown / wood-like texture and colour, and the leaves should be green. However, in Asset Forge, the whole tree is green.)

Please can somebody shed some light on how to get a prefab from Unity into Asset Forge with the correct textures? Is this even possible?


Pretty sure Assetforge only supports non-textured materials on import.  I haven't tried importing textures but I believe there was a post on it in the forums here that stated it.

The collections that are available through the Custom Blocks forum have textures on a lot of the objects, such as this:

Within these collections, there are OBJ files as well as a MTL file with textures, that are imported into Asset Forge.

Sorry, I now understand what your reply means after researching. Before, I think Materials and Textures were basically the same thing, but now I understand that they clearly are not and that Asset Forge actually does not allow for textures to be imported. Apologies, and thank you for the assistance.