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Pretty addictive game, really good idea. Lack of knowledge from my part, but still it was very fun to play! I don't know how many questions does it have, but I noticed a lot of categories and a lot of questions in the hour I spent playing, so great work! (Also made a video about it) 

Liked a lot the game, it is obviously very different from regular games and I appreciate it. I will always love the games that are loyal to the old days of gaming. The music and artstyle are the perfect combo to represent this. It is a little simple, maybe a little more illustration of the different ppaths you're going through would add up to it, but I still tink it's nice. Made a video about it if you're interested.

You can totally notice the great effort that came with the second episode. I loved the way you handle the story telling, being completely different than the first one. The music was on point, the sounds were great. The artstyle is loyal to it's essence, same as the mechanics. I am keen on keeping track of everything that happens with the game. I loved that this is separated from episode 1, so I'm curious to where this is going. Amazing work, congratulations Mr. Navarro and his team!

Hey mate, I did a video, I think you might want to see it (:

Pretty awesome game. I love that you got together to create something, working with other people is always a great experience to create thing more quickly and to learn from others. Now, most of the time I ignore instructions because I'm vague, and this wasn't the exception. But the controls are quite great, easy to understand and to manipulate, the artstyle it's incredible I've always appreciated 8-bit style games. The gameplay it's so great, love the fact that at first I thought I could only shoot lasers and when I discover it was an upgrade of breakout it was so amusing for me. I loved that it has an story too, and that it's there so you can choose wheter to see it or not. And finally it's very entertaining, the portals, and the other features bring a lot to te game. I can see you are in development of more, keep the good work!

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I love your artstyle, it's so beautiful. This is what gets a game appealing. The game it's pretty fun to play, I would hope to be longer though (not complaining at all, just saying I didn't want it to end) I think it has a lot of potential so it can be like a level thing. Maybe 10 levels or something. Not short, not long. Idk, just my thoughts because I pretty like it. The audio it's amazing too! I can't get that song out of my head AND IT'S BEEN A WEEK haha. Great job guys... or guy... or girl. What I want to say is WELL DONE. Also I made a video, perhaps it's useful for you!

Hey, I really enjoyed playing this game, the artstyle is amazing. I like that you are like his coach coming back and forth. Because you can't do anything while he is boxng, but support him by cheering him up. Then comes your part to take care of him. I didn't go that far, but maybe it would be cool to add levels or championships. It's just my thought, still I like it the wya it is right now. Made a video of it btw.

Hey! I like it a lot. It gives me a lot of old games vibes. Actually, I don't know why, but the first game that came to mind while playing this was a game I had called the Tiger Electronic - Handheld Game - Paperboy, to be precise. It's pretty fun, couldn't get far from the 5th level though, but I was short on time. I know what I will be doing tomorrow!

Well that's pretty exciting! I'll be checking for updates then. I'm keen on seeing it! And your next projects too.

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I pretty enjoyed it. It definitely has potential, so a longer version of it could be pretty awesome (not saying it is not good, just saying that the idea has that essence that a game needs to be appealing and you can go further with that) but to be honest, I don't know how to expand it. Maybe I just wanted to play more of it (I finished it later) and it can be relatable, because as a child we've been scared of the dark at least once. So hopefully you can make it longer... or not I mean, at the end of the day this works perfectly. Just want you to have success! Hope this is helpful.

Pd: Loved the pause mechanic. Different than the usual, works great.

I made a video of it (3:22) and I liked it. It is pretty good-looking, the colors are just mixed very well, and the gaming art is entertaining! With the music and everything, it is really smooth.

I liked a lot the concept, I wish it had a backstory or at least some levels so as you go on, you can be challenged to see how to finish it. The art style is pretty cute! Wish I could see more of it.

A couple of weeks ago I did a video of it. I love the art of it, it is pretty appealing to see. The mechanics of how the game goes are amazing, and the fact that it has Xbox controller support is way more comfortable. I ilke that the enemies are changing, it makes it more dinamic, so you don't get bored!

I made a video on it. You just need to maintain calm because it really captures you. Even though you die a lot of times -and might get angry-, it's addictive. Hopefully I can finish it!

I tried it. It's cool but after a while it gets too repetitive. Either way it has fun references, and maybe if it was shorter or at least it had more things to do, it would be different.

Yes! I am sorry it take me a lot to reply, but I was a little disconnected. But I really should be the one thanking you! Keep doing wat you do, I know you have amazing projects coming on!

I pretty like the game a lot. The music is great, the controls are good. The idea of it is very nice. I made a video of it if you'd like to check it out. Hope there will be a level 3!

It is mind blowing. It's pretty creative and mind blowing. I played Christmas Time too (another Jon Reid's game) and I love it you should really try it too. Hope you keep doing things like this, because I've never played anything like it before. I'm keen on supportng your work I love it!

I have actually! After I played Turnip the Beet you grabbed my attention!

I really liked it, the idea it's pretty interesting and the art style it's awesome! I enojyed it a lot.

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I love your style man! Your game is the perfect example of how a horror game not necessarily needs jumpscares. It's mind blowing that you did it just by yourself, I'm astonished. I can't believe that this is your first game either. I enjoyed it so much, I will be waiting next chater or whatever thing you're working on. Loved it, Thank You!