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I pretty enjoyed it. It definitely has potential, so a longer version of it could be pretty awesome (not saying it is not good, just saying that the idea has that essence that a game needs to be appealing and you can go further with that) but to be honest, I don't know how to expand it. Maybe I just wanted to play more of it (I finished it later) and it can be relatable, because as a child we've been scared of the dark at least once. So hopefully you can make it longer... or not I mean, at the end of the day this works perfectly. Just want you to have success! Hope this is helpful.

Pd: Loved the pause mechanic. Different than the usual, works great.

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Hello there. Thanks for playing !
Good news : I'm working on a very short extra ending for Under the bed. This is a way for me to thank you all for the great feedback you've made. I hope you'll like it !


Well that's pretty exciting! I'll be checking for updates then. I'm keen on seeing it! And your next projects too.