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Pretty awesome game. I love that you got together to create something, working with other people is always a great experience to create thing more quickly and to learn from others. Now, most of the time I ignore instructions because I'm vague, and this wasn't the exception. But the controls are quite great, easy to understand and to manipulate, the artstyle it's incredible I've always appreciated 8-bit style games. The gameplay it's so great, love the fact that at first I thought I could only shoot lasers and when I discover it was an upgrade of breakout it was so amusing for me. I loved that it has an story too, and that it's there so you can choose wheter to see it or not. And finally it's very entertaining, the portals, and the other features bring a lot to te game. I can see you are in development of more, keep the good work!


Thank you so much. We put this together in 72 hrs for ludum dare so of course this wasn't as polished as it could be. 

Hopefully now the jam is over we can take some time to look on how we can improve this and possibly take this further and possibly add some sort of campaign mode.

Who knows! The possibilities are now open for us.