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Thank you so much. We put this together in 72 hrs for ludum dare so of course this wasn't as polished as it could be. 

Hopefully now the jam is over we can take some time to look on how we can improve this and possibly take this further and possibly add some sort of campaign mode.

Who knows! The possibilities are now open for us.

Wouldn't rule that out. We need to spend some more time on this as this was just for Ludum Dare but now that it's over we can now add on to this. Watch this space.

Thanks for the positive comments!

Funnily enough we were having a discussion today about maybe taking this further. This was put together in 72 hrs for Ludum Dare so the possibilities of spending some time on this could produce something quite interesting!

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First off we're new here (new as a team as some of you will know Lou Bagel from the fantastic Survive the Day) so hello to everybody and we look forward to using Itch and exploring other peoples exciting projects!

So much talent on here.

Just popped in to announce our exciting new project Diabolical Dominoes. This has only been in development for around 7 - 8 weeks and already we have a fairly polished prototype which can be found HERE.

Diabolical Dominoes is about hero dominoes that are trying to save their friends from the evil Double Blank!

Double Blank has been teased all his life for having no spots and seeks revenge against all other dominoes.

Still very early in development this is simply a test on the gameplay mechanics. We have many ideas we are eager to explore but feedback from the gaming community is essential to creating a finished product.

Please have a play and let us know your thoughts and of course give us a follow if you like this and wish to follow our project.


Hey thanks for that! That's a great idea.

Thanks for having a go. This is exactly the sort of feedback we need to make this prototype better and then on to a final product.

Very much appreciated and glad you enjoyed playing!

Firstly thank you for giving this a go and leaving a comment.

We will be making some tweaks to this! We're aware this is very tricky.

This is just an initial prototype and we'll try adjusting trampoline size, building size possibly level size and other aspects. Maybe a short pause before the domino is thrown.

Hopefully you'll pop back to try again in the future to see the changes we will make.