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Honestly an amazing game. Though the AI-movement is so annoying sometimes like you try to hand that long distance flyer and people who got one already will just start running towards it as if they'd want to get another one :)

Very cool game especially for a game jam. Would have loved some more levels and maybe a way to move faster or being able to hold the button for movement instead of having to repress it every time. 

A lot of people mentioned the controls so I'll make them better once I come back to add more content. Also planning to make at least a decently complete game out of this so more levels to come :) 

More levels and sound were planned and will be added once I come back to the game on a later occasion 

I wish I had time for more levels during the jam but I'll come back to this at some point to make it a better game with more levels. And yea the take on the theme isn't perfect but I realized way too late and still submitted :) 

I agree that the take on the theme wasn't great in the end but when I realized I was commited to the project and just wanted to submit sth anyways. When coming back I'll give the player at least an option in the settings to control player speed to fit anyone's needs. 

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't play Pokémon emerald but will look it up and once I come back to this I'll be sure to include some of the options you mentioned especially the barriers :) 

Yea as I like the concept and also puzzle games in general I could imagine me coming back to make a full project out of it. More tiles were planned but time ran out way too quick... 

Thanks for playing and leaving some feedback. As I mentioned in some other responses I might come back to make a full game out of this concept the jam period was just too short for it. :) 


Very nice game the character movement and jump feel a little to fast for me still was fun. Also way better with the theme than mine :)

yea i know but it's a jam after all and i was happy to get sth submitted at all just didn't have time to set up a proper game page. Also not good at naming games nothing would come to mind as fast as i needed it.

Thanks for the feedback. I might come back to the game to make it longer and add more mechanics. Will think about your suggestions and maybe add them in as setting for the player to choose speed himself to fit everyone's preference.

The take on the theme is not optimal yea but i couldn't think of anything better so i stuck with this one anyways. Thanks for the feedback though was thinking about revisiting the project later anyways.

Glad you had fun.  Will try my best to get a bit more done next time. Also might come back to this game to make it a better and especially longer experience :)

Thanks for the feedback. And yea the theme isn't the main part of the levels but I'm missing some core mechanics to make harder puzzles and well then I can't really do the theme either. :/

Thx for the feedback. If I ever feel like it I'll come back to the game and try to make a finished product out of it. The whole spinning thing gave me lots of trouble tho due to the way unity handles rotation and stuff. 

Such a fun game. Managed to rab all 5 treasures and instantly killed myself after doing so by accident. Slipped died 

:( May come back tho to get some more levels as it is super fun to play...

Man this game is good. Sad there aren't more levels... Really wanted to keep playing. Good work and amazing game for 48 hours of work.

Thanks I'll try to add sth asap

Thx :) had fun limiting myself really enjoyed this jam 

I really like this game. I couldn't bet it right now which is good i like hard games and will definetly come back to it. 

The biggest issue i have is the way you reset after death. Might be just me but on one level a bit into the game i can do the first 5 waves without a single hit but die on the 6th one every time. So i spend a long time on things that are easy to me just to get a single chance at the hard part, which can get annoying after some time. 

Reply to this comment with your highscore so people can compare if they want to :) 

I did it. Got a whole playthrough. Took around 30 mins and 655 deaths for anyone interested. 

Love the game, a good challenge but still fun to play.

Yea got that idea multiple times. I thought about it at first but left it as is. If I should ever come back to the project and add more levels and stuff I'll probably change the controls so it's a bit easier to play. 

Thanks for playing and the feedback. I'll try to change the character's appearance with your tip. :) 

And for the first lava jump you basically have to press space 8 times in a row as the game doesnt detect a fifth press  but will just detect the 5th to 8th press as seperate jump input. So if you ever want to give it another try that might be helpful. 

Maybe but it#s probably because i playtest my games and stuff so often that i can one shot everything. It's funny how fast you learn a specific setup or anything like that if you play it while building.

Yea thought about that. If i should decide to come back and add more levels to the game i'll do it to improve the experience

I really really enjoyed your game. 

Art is awesome, music gives a fitting atmosphere which makes gamplay feel awesome to me. 

The difficulty curve is good and always puts up a nice challenge to the player by introducing new boxes every few levels. The levels had a fitting difficulty which kept me engaged and playing by giving e a challenge but not being insanely hard and tedious. 

I'd really wish there were more levels to this game. I really wanna play it for longer. Especially because i somehow got lucky on levels 7-9 and oneshot each of them. (More proof for how intuitive the game feels and controls)

The introduction of everything was very well done, especially in the first part. Tho at first i thought i had to shoot the rocks instead of just hitting them with the rocket. The second part was better gameplaywise imo. It was way more engaging as you really had a lot of pressure, which wasn't exactly true for the first part. Tho the way the player has to press continue to get to the next message at the bottom was kinda annoying. The text aswell as the continue button were also outside the speechbubble on my screen which made it hard to see it at first. 

The second part kinda surprised me tho it was the part of the game that was way more fun to me, as it felt like it was a little out of context. The switching of topic and theme of the game didn't feel totally right to me. 

Overall a fun experience tho. Good game :)

Thanks for playing. Didn't appear to me as very hard but that happens to me all the time, especially when i played mario maker a lot. I always underestimate my games/levels.

Thanks for playing and the feedback. The art was made by 3 amazing artists I found on itch check the credits tab in the game's menu for their names. Still hope to be adding some music in the future and maybe also some more content like more levels. 

I also hope you are able to beat the game on your next try. I believe you can :) 

Thanks for playing. And for the Art check the credits tab in the main menu as I used art by 3 amazing artists from 

Thanks for the kind words. Really appreciate you playing. And yea I most certainly will come back at some point in the future maybe adding some more levels and definetly some sound effects and music. 

this game is awesome :D simple yet so fun… tho i believe the difficulty is Pretty easy for a Long time and suddenly it starts getting crazy hard. Also if you should plan on ever getting back to this Maybe Change the key you use for restarting the game to sth else than the spacebar… I couldnt see my score due to accidently restarting after the game ended. 

oh well i'll try :) but that's not obvious at least to me 

I really really liked the game but at the level where direction controls change when jumping, i could not find a way to pass the red thing behind the skeleton. Just too big of a jump. Had to call it quits. If i missed anything obvious pls someone tell me as I'd love to play this for longer... Awesome game :D

Wanted to join but the link expired so you'd have to make it a permanent invitation. 

So a reset button is fine? Great :D making level design way easier then