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bangin tunes

Swag music and super fun to fly around in space. Super super well done!

thanks m8

thanks! The whole sphere thing took ages to figure out but I like how it turned out

Thank you sir

our underwater ally

This crab has stolen my heart

A five star concept if ever there was one


Triple thumbs up

very $wag

I appreciate it! Thanks for playing, I’m hoping to add some background music or ambient noise soon

Thanks! I'm hoping to add more after the jam. Thanks for playing!

I appreciate your feedback! Thank you for playing!

Thank you! I'm hoping to polish it up a bit and add some more as well. Thanks for playing!

Thank you! I definitely forgot to fix that one but I definitely will. Thanks for playing!

Really cool game! I found at one point when I was walking into a wall I started floating upward, but it was no big deal. Good Job!

I'd appreciate a rating! I'll definitely play yours as well

I appreciate it! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for playing!

I appreciate it! Thanks for playing!

Frustrating in the best way, it really made me want to keep playing. Good Job!

I'd appreciate an honest rate and review! I'll definitely play yours 

Haha thanks! It definitely could use some more polish but I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it. As for the procedural animation, it's something I've been really trying to figure out since I started making games. I found a short video a while back that explains how to do it in a few steps. I think the video was by Codeer on youtube so definitely look him up. So that video got me thinking on how to get those steps to work, and what I ended up doing was making a limb in blender, and then using Inverse Kinematics in unity to attach the leg to another object (the body). With the IK you can set the target of the limb as a point on the body which makes it really easy, and then you can set a target point for the end of the limb that's on the ground and then change it based on the distance from the target. I know I just butchered that explanation haha so I would definitely look up that video up and go from there. Thank you for playing!

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Thank you! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. Also thanks for your ideas! I’ll look into those. Thanks for playing!

I appreciate it! Thanks for playing!

I'd appreciate it if you'd stream mine! I'll play yours right now

Thanks for your feedback! I definitely plan on addressing both of those things. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for your feedback! I definitely agree, thanks for playing! 

One thing I noticed that can be fixed really easy is that you stick to walls when you walk into them. You can use a physics material in unity to address it. Overall, nice game and good job!

Really cool game! At first I wasn't taking any damage even if I just held still but I read in the comments that someone solved that by dashing once and then you can take damage. Good Job!

Kind of difficult but not too hard. Good Job!

Really engaging puzzle game and a cool interpretation of the theme. The Blue background was a little bright but nothing too crazy. Good Job!

A little confusing at the start but a really good interpretation of the theme. Good Job!

Did a really good job at introducing new mechanics. I love the idea of the photo file having 4 lives and it was done really well. Good Job!

Good story and a cool platformer, I liked the color and the trail behind the character as well. Good Job!

Thank you! I'm definitely going to add both of those things as soon as possible. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for your detailed feedback! I'm hoping to revisit this soon so I'm planning on adding some more variety. Thanks for playing!