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Kaizo tag kicks in on level 20!

neat :)

WOW! Snake meets TRON's Light Cycles! Love the idea and also how responsive the controls are. It's a bit easy to cheese the time travel/cloned snakes, especially as the main snake grows, but that did not stop me from enjoying the game quite a bit.

Enjoyed a few runs of this while taking the challenge seriously. Best dollar per time spent is to just mash "Done" -- about $100 in 5 mouse clicks, and the "Any%" speedrun. :)

Had a lot of fun with this one, and eventually got the blessed RNG to save more than half of my crop!

:) very nice

I died in this way faster than the other game with "You Die" in the title.

Started crashing intentionally to experience the puzzles. Pretty neat! I would have turned north when I got to Oregon if I had the choice. :)

I found oblivion!

I also did not die in the desert. Lots of water, mangoes, and some interesting recurring objects to interact with. I invited a few snakes, scorpions, and ghosts to kill me, but ultimately did not feel like I was making progress.

What a delight! Would appreciate a 'replay' feature for runs that failed (and worked out). Thanks for sharing this.

Got a kick out of this! I would love to play more if you find the mechanic works with more complicated level layouts. I'll stay away from the spoilers, but the area just before the finish suggests to me that there is more to explore with the mechanic. One unrelated idea is to linger on the death/collision frame for a split second, or require a button press, before resetting to the last checkpoint, so the player can see how close they were to navigating successfully.