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So uh, is this supposed to be in the shipped folder?

No, personally I think that AI art will be a tool like synthesizers and DAWs were to music that expands the scope of who can be an artist. It might impact people who pushed heavily into drawing but I don't think it will impact art that much, just expand who can do it.

CrossCode community · Created a new topic DLC?

Is it possible to get the DLC on itch somehow or do I need to buy somewhere else?

In that case I'm super impressed with the speed of getting into games, drop in drop out like this is great.

Does this have actual players, or simulated multiplayer like some of the other .io games?


Was this taken down from google play? Is the APK available to download if we donate?

I quite enjoyed the varying levels, although the moving goal made it slightly frustrating.

Actually had to get my gaming mouse out for this one, great fun!

Is there any way to export larger sizes/make zines in higher resolution/DPI?

This is by far the best comments section on itch, love the program!

Will the full game also be on itch or just on Steam?

May I suggest a Putter?

Is there a way to play the other modes multiplayer (speedrun/targets/etc.)?

Nice, thank you!

I have the DRM free from the big bundle and was wondering if it was possible to play online with it.