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Thank you. I used for the sounds.

Thank you. Sorry I didn't have time to add healthbar.

Thank you.

The game is interesting but i think you should at the ability to change the direction of the character's face.

I only made the objects, not the background and music (from Thank you.

BTW did you use EventHandler in this game?

The game is fun and has a relaxing music. However, the clicking is not really responsive and the pause button only paused the objects already on the screen, not actually stopping the enemy spawning. 

Your game is also interesting.

I am trying your game.

Thank you. I took the music from

You know, I never knew that counting a sheep could be such a great concept for a game. Well done!

Btw, what did you use to make the game?

Being honest, I think the concept is interesting, but perhaps make the wall higher so the ball won't pass to another room? 

Well, thank you for the feedback. Did you have difficulty in moving the character?

I think the jump could be improved and the walking is too slippery. Regardless, it is a good game.

I like the game

This is a great game!

I like the game, but perhaps you need to widen the screen for the web version?

The flip system and the ghost movement are not in a very good state, I think the ghost was supposed to be the boss?However congratulation for having submitted your game. Good luck.

Thank you, that is a good suggestion.

Good game, but not convenient move controller

The game concept is amazing!

The game has a great concept but I think you have a frame rate issue in the game.

I think the game's fullscreen doesn't view the whole map

It was hard for me to always precisely connect the two balls together,regardless it is a great game

one of the room wasn't updating.An NPC was leaving the room but when I came back the same NPC reappeared again

it is still just keep going,thank you btw for playing

Thank you very much.Is there any improvement needed to be done?

Thank you very much for the feedback, I am figuring out how to remake the game right now

Really appreciate the feedback, thank you.

Thank you very much for the feedback. Don’t worry, most of my friends also said that.

I really appreciate your feedback, thank you very much for playing my game.

I appreciate the comment thank you very much for the feedback

Really appreciate the comment thank you very much for the feedback



Guys , I am announcing my first published prototype game called Steel Egg.

You are Magny , the magnet that you will control in the entire game to save our beloved Steel Egg.

Steel Egg has been called upon by the people to save them from evil, but he first needs to get out from his imprisonment by the help of Magny.