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Not bad, kinda fun even.

This would definitely benefit from some additional features. For example: more picture (given the game name, could just be more scenes/poses/etc with your OC), the option to use smaller pieces (make it's a bit more work to figure out), some kind of score table (so you can try to improve, and maybe the added fun of real puzzle pieces with different edges.

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Perhaps there are some people who don't  want javascript apps running on their computer instead of say a native C++ application or would prefer software that isn't running on an interpreter. Also not everyone wants to run a whole instance of the Chromium browser with every application... They'll just have to handle their game downloads themselves I guess. I'm not really sold on javascript for desktop applications, but here I'll take an application over none

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Nothing in the description that really specifically says DF or Rimworld to me, despite having tried the former once or twice and having played a fair bit of the latter. bit of Rimworld. Seems a bit of shame that they didn't bother to mention DF-9 at all, given there a number of features/mechanics stated that sound very much like it.  You know like space junk/meteorites causing damage, passing ships docking to drop off new crew/allow pirates to break in, minable resources that you have to send people out to get.

 Personally I don't think DF-9 needs remaking, The only problem other than maybe bad pathing that I recall was not much of a drive to keep playing past a basic base that was sort of stable.

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There's a typo in one of the wounded states' text, 'Slighty Wounded' -> 'Slightly Wounded'.

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MP would be pretty sweet, although a sort of P2P approach might be best (i.e. you can only be in one 'world' at a time, so more than one person can be at a someone else's base, but there's no way to travel to anyone's else's base without leaving your 'world' -- no separatae ) where one player is effectively the server and any other players are clients. Best example I can think is the way Minecraft lets you share the world you are currently playing in SP with other players, while you have the game open (everyone gets dropped if you quit /your/ game).

I wouldn't think it'd be that hard since you just  need to show each  player their own personal status and maybe an abbreviated set of bars/dots? for each additional player in your 'world'. Of course you also need to transmit the world data so they can render it and make sure they see the same air leak notifications etc. That stuff does add up pretty quick...

Just my two cents, but it might be easier to add now as opposed to later when their are even more features and systems to test for working in MP. Either way I look forward to seeing where the game goes.

As much as I hate having to rush around looking for ice to water plants, I have to say a thirst bar/scale does seem like something obvious that ought to be there. Especially given that water units are bottles.

MewnBase community · Created a new topic Water Sources
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Is there a better, reliable way to get water than searching for ice? I know about he water collector, but a few games it didn't rain much at all. Dying of starvation seems to be a much, much greater risk than asphyxiation (no O2). Pretty fun game so far, but endless mode gets pretty blah when it's just praying for food and wiping off the solar panels.

Some additional means to obtain water would be great given how dependent growing stuff is on the water supply. One possibility might be a condenser module that pulls water out of the air. I.e. a continuous, but fairly slow source of water. Being electric powered wouldn't be terrible since power seems to be pretty easy to get.


Exploration vs Survival vs Base building dynamic balance?