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Genuinely thank you so much for enjoying the game and noticing these little details that I worked so hard to include. It's been 5 years and I think you're one of the first people to call all this stuff out. But it's really validating to know even one person noticed everything and got the intent behind it!!!

Unfortunately I don't think I can even access the original builds of the game at this point without a legacy install of GMS, which I don't have... I wish I could easily do a refresh/remaster of the game but 5 years later it would probably be more effort than it's worth :(

Thank you, I'm so glad you had a great time with it!!

Hi, I'm glad you enjoyed the game so far! At the end of the paid version of Chapter 1 you should get an option to export your progress. (Export isn't available in the demo) You can then import that file when you boot up Chapter 2!

Play Highlighted doesn't work as intended after ^d is used in grant mode. Simple example;

^g ^d yeah huh here * *

Full preview plays correctly, Play Highlighted on "here * *" uses normal vox sounds instead

Thanks so much for the kind review! It really warms my heart that people continue to find and enjoy my little game after all these years!

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I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! And yes, my SEO has unfortunately been wrecked by a certain adult product. (Apparently doesn't even have good reviews smdh...) Not much I can do about that unfortunately, they popped up soon after I launched the first episode of Monster Pub when it was pretty much too late to rename.

Ahh, so the problem fixed itself, just as planned. :P Seriously thanks for letting me know, if people have problems I can at least direct them to try upgrading to this version of Catalina!

Sorry I haven't encountered this particular bug. Are you playing windowed or full screen? Maybe changing to a different screen size would help, otherwise I'm out of ideas, sorry!

Hi, thanks for taking the time to play and send your thoughts!

Please note that this is an in-development demo dungeon meant to test the mechanics of the game. The full game will address a lot of your concerns, as it will have a story, tutorial stage, and will introduce allies gradually rather than all at once! (Giving you a chance to learn their abilities one at a time.)

As I work on the game I want to give people a chance to play bits and pieces of it, since it's fun, and provides useful feedback that helps me improve. (There's only so much I will notice playing it myself, after all.) 

The next demo I am planning, for example, will actually pare down the list of allies you have access to (now that I feel confident all the skills work as intended), a town with a shop  to sell your junk at, and a bigger quest for you to tackle. Hopefully you'll check that out too!

Aaaaaaa I'm so glad you've enjoyed it! Thank you for playing!!!

Oh I'm so glad  you had a good time with the game! And thank you for leaving this nice note!!

Sorry, this seems like a problem exclusive to the mac version which I don’t have the licenses to support anymore! Is it the result of a particular dialogue choice or does it happen right when you start the conversation?

Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed the game!!!

Thanks I’m glad you’re enjoying it!!

I found this in another game's FAQ, perhaps it will help here as well??? Just replace the game name :P (and also check out Long Gone Days it looks gorgeous!) Sorry that's the best I got!!!

I got help with the writing from the very talented Magnolia Porter ( but yeah the rest is me! And just like regular solitaire, you can get into an unwinnable state in samson, but luckily you can get partial credit for clearing some of the board. There are also less chances of getting an unwinnable board than in regular solitaire.

Sorry that happened! There's not much I can do about it now, but I would definitely suggest saving between conversations. Despite all my bug testing I am just one person so things inevitably still go wrong. 😔 Luckily each chapter is probably less than an hour long, hopefully you will give it another shot!

Yea that’s my concern; I built this for 32 bit and have no 64 bit apple device to recompile it on. I also have no way of knowing if there’s some backwards compatibility in place, because I can’t try to play it anywhere! The joys of indie dev :p

Thank you!!!

I'm so glad you're enjoying the game! The friendship levels have a minor effect on the way characters interact with you, particularly as you progress through the chapters. But there's no "bad ending" just a little extra fun scene for each character at the end if your friendship is high enough!

Aaaa thank you I’m so glad you like it!!


My immediate guess would be that you accidentally deleted the file extension while creating the export file. Make sure the extension on the file matches the extension that chapter 2 is looking for when you choose to import.


Unfortunately I don't have the ability to try to fix this in the code anymore (I've moved from mac to PC and all my mac dev licenses expired...) BUT maybe it's just a particular dialogue branch that is broken. I assume you imported your save from Chapter 1, can you instead try starting a brand new game in Chapter 2? If that doesn't work then I might try reinstalling the game... but that's about all my ideas, sorry!!

Sorry mac has all kinds of issues with independently made software, and I have not updated the game since before Catalina launched. I have a few fixes you might try though;
1. Try moving the app file to a different folder
2. Try renaming the file name to not have spaces in it
3. Try extracting it into a different folder than the one you chose

Let me know if any of those help!

Thank you for organizing this! I would like to contribute all 3 chapters of my game;

Unfortunately the save files from within the demo can't be pulled up in the full version of chapter 1.

Oh no! Well, if you saved your progress up to then you should be able to load save and get back to export fairly quickly!

Hi, sorry you're having issues getting the game. Could you try downloading it from the website instead to see if this is a client problem?