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Hello! We were supposed to have more environments featured in the game, but given the fact that this was a university project and we had a strict time limit, we had to scrap those. There is however a reason why the story takes place in the cave (or more correctly, why the things Lucy experiences happen down there). Thank you for letting us know your thoughts!

Hello! The protagonist pronouncing it that way was purposefully done, considering that she has lived outside of the country her entire life. The idea of her grandmother saying it during a flashback could've definitely worked, though! Thank you for the feedback!

Hello and thank you for the feedback!

That is a bug which we never had the opportunity to fix, but: it disappears as soon as you reload the batteries in the flashlight. (It's weird, we know.) Our apologies!

Thank you, and thanks for letting us know! :)

Tanggal is an atmospheric horror game inspired by Filipino mythology, created during a 10-week long game dev course at the University of Skövde, Sweden.

The player takes on the role of Lucy, who becomes trapped in a mine while searching for her wife. Brave the darkness to find out what really happened in the mine and to its workers twenty years ago. Explore the environment to find all the pieces of the story and figure out the mystery of it all...

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