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Andrea "Lord Lance" P.

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Impressive, as ever.
I know, it's a minor thing, but, while I see the font size for the legend (cool), I find it missing for the black circled big numbers along the map. Surely, the option for having them smaller would be nice, imho.

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:(  Oh, that f*****g spider did it again! Nooo! Tommy too...

I feel the end is nigh.


... And this is so good for them! 'cause the only other one looking at them, in the camp, is Oliver, and he's just a bloated corpse, sleeping a dreamless dream after a spider bit him a couple of days ago.

Of course, there are typos around, but I suppose the beta version is still in full developement. However, at least fix incadecense at pag. 64, opportuunity at pag.51, sloppines at pag.57, beaty at pag. 76.

In this part, you could put a couple of black signs on the Might bar, so the image is 100% coherent with the example you are giving on the left.

Pag. 50, under  End of the Line there's a reference about Darkness Ability. But the only similar thing I find along the book are the Dark Gifts.

Also, pag. 46, you used the Dark, with the capital D, while the Chapter title has a humble dark.

Hi everybody. First of all: nice. I love those Dark-soulish games. And I like BitD mechanics, so... nice combo.
Then, a potential bug: pag. 45, Flashback chapter talk about "stress", while I suppose here should be Doom.

A new version? Highlights?

Hi. What are the changes in the updated files?

Very well drawn!!!

We should suggest it to Jason too 🙂

Nice micro game. I suggest (if you can cut some space for it...) to implement the concept of "stepping down" the Die (like Cortex do). It's good that if you have a skill at d6, you roll a d4 instead, when you are "hindered by hunger, injury, sickness, or circumstance". But what if you have a skill at d8 or d10? Are they "destroyed" to a humble d4 too?

This is why I suggest the "Step down" rule, briefly explaining that, when you are "hindered by hunger, injury, sickness, or circumstance", you reduce your Die to the one under it, so if you have a d10, you ned to roll a d8. Or, if you have a d8, you'll roll a d6. And, obviously, if you just have a d6, you step down to the measly d4.

Hallo. Quick feedback from a purchaser:

The idea is obviously good and intriguing. But when I read:"For this procedure, you’ll need a Tarot deck. Separate out all the major arcana: you’ll use just the minor arcana for this step. (The major arcana will be used in future supplements.)" My soul went sad.

So, actually you lured ( ;-P ) me here thinking about the hundred of meaning you could give to a city with a Tarot deck, but you are using it almost as a standard Pocker deck. Shame!

Then, I was hoping to find inspiring meaning for each card. I'll do an example:

I draw the "II of Swords | Temple of Strength". Sure, you created a fine, detailed page for this card. This is useful.
But in my mind, I was hoping for something more "generic" and "reusable". Something like:
"The Temple" > draw another card:
- Pentacles: here rules a God interested only to its growing power. What is this power represented by? Is it terrain (money, love, overthrow the actual city ruler) or mystical (control the magical enegies, sap the city ley-lines, spread the magic way)?
- Wands: choose an Element. The god inside this temple is working for the element can rise and bloom in this city. Is this positive or negative?
- Swords: the God in this temple is silent, or forgotten. Why?
- Cups: there's no God here. Maybe just a fanatical cult, blinded by its abstract rituals? Maybe a fantastical creature (a fey, an abyssal horror, a man-made perversion) inhabitats this place, using it as den and the worshippers as servants.

Ok, I hope you got the point. However, thanks for this document, and I hope that with this feedback you could improve it, if you see it as a live document.
Finally, I really really hope you'll incorporate the major arcana for extra city details and/or important folk inside.

Also, last advice: usually Tarots have a powerful set of meanings, as certanly you already know. You should insert a twist, or a different meaning (maybe in a shorter way) if we draw the card Reversed, instead of Upright. This surely will add color, depth, and lot of new sparks using the same number of cards.

have a good life!

I totally love the 0.9 graphic and art. That "Gorillaz" style is cool and very defining.

I did a looong email, giving you all the feedback I can. I'd just to be sure you received it, 'cause I had no ping back. Thanks for the attention.

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I'm trying to figure out the rules that activate Automatic Defense systems. Until now, I think I had no luck. Here are some questions for you:

  • Are the A.D. activated only by player's actions? From what I see, they emerge when I shoot to an enemy, while I'm nearby. Do they emerge even if is the enemy that is shooting to the player?
  • Have the A.D.  a "side"? I mean, there's a way to force them to shoot only to the enemies? For example, if they emerge if they hear an enemy's shot, then do they target only the enemies?
  • There's a way to shutdown the whole A.D. system? It should be cool. I say that 'cause I saw some character say "Shut down that alarm!" in the map chat, but I found no "panels" on the walls to do that.
  • Little improvement for the game: if not already present, those things could improve the experience:  - an item to avoid the A.D. targeting  - a class ability that manomits A.D. from the distance, choosing their "side" (also, activate computers or doors etc. at the distance; this is pretty strategic, 'cause almost all my games end with a total war into the map, almost with no stealth or pauses, 'cause the whole thing snowballs away - a way to click some element of the mission avoiding some combat could be nice, imho).

Ok, thanks for the attention.

Fantastic, thanks for the fast reply.

The title says all. I tried to find this info, but I had no luck. Is useful to activate the Boost Aim action, and then the Overwatch action? Is the Overwatch taking advantage of the bonus that Boost Aim give?
Thanks in advance!

You are doing a great thing. I love an Ace Combat competitor, and I love the good mix between cool, "realistic" feeling, and arcade immediacy.

Did it, with Royals. 3 is my High Score. ^___^ Ok, not huge, still cute victory!

Thanks for this mini game. I did it with a final "Gold" sum. I have no enough passion to improve more than this, however... Great MGS inspired game, great atmosphere, super cute graphic (I love the ghost inside the tomb animation ^_^ )

Hi Justin. Pag. 70, the RUIN explaination mentions "ruin" again, while the other skill (as in BitD) always suggest a different skill better suited for a not-so-ruin action.

My two cents: I'd change the names for the various positions; at least, switch Perilous and Desperate. I strongly feel that Desperate is the worst scenario, while Perilous is just... perilous :D 
Also, while the icons suggest the moth cycle, I think that those symbols don't move the reader feelings, don't relate with the emotions that the positions try to transmit.
Finally, another personal preference, I'd change the "Devil's Bargain" name. I know the meaning of it, also it's used in BitD, however putting the Devil in "distracts" from the setting flavor. "Grim Pact" "Twilight Bargain" or something more exotic could sound better.

Said so, nice layout and cool art style. Kudos.

PS: in one of the preview pictures up there (Setting Reference) there's a wrong "it's ... satellites".

Also, the explanation "Note that what you perceive..." it's slightly confusing. IMHO you could simply initially state that the ability cover all your senses (calling it Ghost SenseS), and eventually in the final note stating that the player should choose a particular sense that is enhanced during the Flashback.

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Thanks for the reply. PS I saw a minor typo on the Ghost Sense: there's a phrase starting with "Is your trigger..." but it's not a interrogative one.

Hi. Why this playbook is free on Drivethru? I'd put it PWYW; it could be a nice way to reward you.
PS: I usually avoid to buy thru 'cause it adds extra taxes if I declare I'm here in Europe.

In aggiunta, non sono convinto sulla meccanica di avere i simboli speciali dietro i francobolli. Innanzi tutto, perché "dietro"? Dà l'impressione che siano cose "nascoste", quando non lo sono. Doppiamente, se si pensa che, seguendo le regole, la bustra andrebbe affrancata col francobollo bianco/nero, quindi mettendo della colla dietro quel simbolo e appiccicandolo sulla lettera. Ma in questo modo chi deve scrivere la risposta fa fatica a notare il simbolo e quindi a "rovinare" la lettera di risposta che dovrebbe dare.
Inoltre, anche da un punto di vista strategico, la cosa cozza un po': ovviamente, questo è un gioco squisitamente narrativo, ma in quanto gioco, mi impone di ragionare sulle regole, e di agire di conseguenza. Supponiamo che io possieda più francobolli con il simbolo "lettera rispedita al mittente": per minimizzare il danno delle lettere mai arrivate potrei riempire una singola lettera di francobolli con quel simbolo, in modo da ridurre ad una sola lettera persa il "danno".
Oppure, cosa fare se ricevo un francobollo "1" e un francobollo "2" entrambi dotati di simbolo "Censura"? Devo scrivere una lettera... molto censurata? 🙂
So che possono sembrare dubbi strani, ma mi chiedo se ci sia un modo diverso di gestire la cosa. Ad esempio una tabella dietro le carte che descrivono i personaggi. Ogni volta che un giocatore deve spedire la lettera, tira sulla tabella: questa potrebbe indicare risultati quali "tieni la lettera così come l'hai scritta" (molto probabile), "sporcala di caffè, fango ecc." (poco probabile), "strappane un pezzo" (poco probabile), "censurane una parte" (poco probabile), ecc.
Potrebbe essere interessante che il risultato sia sempre ripetibile, quindi molto dipenda dal dado, oppure che ci siano dei quadretti che vanno spuntati, quindi ad esempio, una volta uscito per tre volte "censurane una parte", quel risultato non sia più sceglibile.

Ciao a tutti. Mi è sorto un bel dubbio sulla distribuzione dei francobolli. Nelle istruzioni in 1a pagina si parla genericamente di dare a ciascun giocatore "12 francobolli da 1, 12 da 2 e 12 da 3". Ma in quella pagina non è stata ancora data spiegazione dei colori bianco/nero. Come si procede, quindi? Ne vanno dati 6 bianchi e 6 neri di ciascun valore? Vanno mescolati casualmente (non come valore, ma solo come colore), e distribuiti casualmente?

Questo poi mi porta alla seconda parte del dubbio. Poichè solo alcuni francobolli riportano sul retro il simbolo speciale che identifica lettera aperta / censura / lettera "persa", e guardando la distribuzione di questi simboli nella seconda pagina danno l'idea di essere abbastanza "speculari", come se l'idea fosse quella di distribuire la metà superiore ad un giocatore, e la metà inferiore all'altro, mi chiedo: è corretta l'idea di questa sorta di ordine nella distribuzione? Oppure, come da dubbio iniziale, i segnalini vanno totalmente mescolati, quindi un giocatore potrebbe ritrovarsi con una marea di simboli speciali, e l'altro no?

Thanks a lot for keeping the document alive and updated ❤️

Et voilà. Other 5 or so tries, and the Monk is done too! Very nice game, again.

(2 edits)

Also, with Shift-Click on the hero's avatar, you should give the differences between the classes. I discovered that I do 2 damages with no weapons, with the Monk. In-game infos (like mini tutorial or info-balloons) are so useful and "modern", while separate instructions or random discoveries are not, imho.

EDIT: mmm... no, I'm probably wrong about the Monk. But I can bet I see it doing 2 damages when I clicked on low rank enemies...

...and again, after a couple of tries, with the Warlock! ❤

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PS: I did it! Lvl.12, with the Warrior, after about 10 tries. Used at best both Food and Heal (while Starving), learnt about the Spells so I used them at best.
Probably the winning chances are good as they are, 'cause of course you don't have to win EVERY time.

Man, you absolutely need to put the info about Shift-Click more visible. It's really useful for spells, and I discovered by chance. Awesome mini game, however.

Can you remove (recover from) a Descent? It seems you can't. 
Can you remove (recover from) a Injury? It seems you can (from the description, but there are no rules about that).

Also, you gave "Fixing a Hole" as rule to relief the Stress, but no indications about the aforementioned Injuries (or Descent, it's unclear if it's a unrecoverable kind of condition).
Still, in the "Fixing a Hole" Table, I probably understand what the Wealth and Stress columns means (I'm rich, so I spend d6 Wealth, so I can recover d10 Stress); however, I can't understand what "Slots" column is, let alon the "War" column.

This is justa a couple of personal considerations:
- "Everything is Stress", and that's good (Fate, Cortex and other systems use this kind of structure), but then you have Descents, Breakpoints, and you need to have additional book-keeping 'cause every 5 physical Stress losses, you need to also gain a Injury (also, that occupy a single slot, or just a part of it, like a skill?). 
- Another "oddity": with your chainmail Armor you can stop stress from "being ashamed from the King that won a conflict while taunting you"... Mmm... I'd say a chainmail should stop only physical Stress sources. A side note about that, this way you could have some kind of "soul armor" (for example a Beloved Memento) that can stop only psycological Stress sources. (BitD armors work this way, for example).

You use often "Daring Dice", but from what I can understand, there's a single "Daring Die". Am I wrong?

Curious about the "Nom de guerre". Why this french term? I see you used War Name around the book. Why keep just this foreign locution? Also, aside War Name, you could use Nickname.

On the Table "we know each other":

We both dated the 
same **girl** for a while 
but she ghosted us. 

Imho you could try to put down those inputs using more neutral genders, so they become more "universal" and adaptable.

What if the PCs are girls? They dated the same... girl? What if they are a Scarecrow and a Sin!?

To get a random anomaly:
Roll d4 for page, d8 for anomaly
Drop a dice on the page and see what it hits
The person to your right picks your anomaly

I'd put that this way:

To get a random anomaly:
- Roll d4 for page, d8 for anomaly,
- Drop a dice on the page and see what it hits, or
- The person to your right picks your anomaly.