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Andrea "Lord Lance" P.

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Nice idea. PS: on my screen I have no correct fonts when I arrive to the "To Escogiste" window. It's empty, and always shows two option at 0% and one at 100%

The best part of this game is really the music. Your son should be proud 馃挏
I hope the dog won't come for me...

I M P R E S S I V E presentation. Kudos!

Bravo, bene, 猫 sempre utile avere qualche guida che aiuti chi inizia, o chi vuole approfondire quel che magari gi脿 conosce.

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I suggest to change the 3d6 table at pag.17. If you know enough about probabilities, it's clear how, for every 27 surgeons in that world there's just a single Youth or Blacksmith... 馃槙
Probably the best way to fix that is turn the table into "roll a d6 for the 1st "band", then roll another d6 for the exact choice". Something like:
1-2 | 1  Blacksmith
1-2 | 2  Tailor
1-2 | 3  Scout
1-2 | 4  Farmer
1-2 | 5  ...
1-2 | 6
3-4 | 1
3-4 | 2
3-4 | 3
...  etc.

Un gioco abbastanza leggero al tavolo che fa emergere delle giocate interessanti, lontane dalle tradizionali esplora-e-ammazza, grazie ad un uso intelligente delle meccaniche che hanno reso famoso - fra gli altri - Cthulhu Dark.

Bump up. Hoping for replies to the doubts exposed before.

Hi. I humble suggest to re-check all the pages, mainly for "dice" -> "die".  Every time you are speaking about a single one, you need to use "die". Ie. "you may add 1 die to..."

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I usually don't rely on very low chances to get a value (ok, good luck sometime helps, but a mercenary relying on luck is a dead mercenary).

Said so, as you can see the value you get a lot with the standard roll is 11 (pretty simple to get it), and you have very low chance to get a 4- or a 18+.

- If you have Bonus, you usually get at least a ~13, and it's pretty easy to get a 19 too, while it's very rare to get 7- (in short, it's somewhat similar to get a "+3" to a standard roll, even better).

- If you have Double Bonus, your average result is 15, and you'll score 19+ with about 14% chances (critical, baby!). Conversely, the chances for a result of 9- are very rare (and you can forget to suffer a fumble).

- If you have Penalty, the numbers are inverted, so your average result is ~9, it's easy to get a fumble of 3-, and it's very rare to hit a 15+.

- If you have Double Penalty, pray. Your average result is 7, you'll get a 3- fumble with 14% chances, and you can't hope to get the values of 13+.

If interested, this is the graph showing the % of getting a specific number on a standard roll, and on the various Bonus or Penalty rolls (ie. rolling more dice and keeping the 2 highest or the 2 lowest).

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Oh, wow, that "One-Page RpG" it's really merciless 馃榿 Damn, you can't even use the other side of that single page!  
Anyway, jokes aside, I understand. Hard to do better than that (or deeper). Kudos.

Nice work. As I wrote in my "review" here on the rating, the rules are clean and cool, while maybe the second page is a little bit wasted, bringing only slightly more detail to the primary table in the previous page.

I'd surely prefer more mechanics (advancements, equip...), or more inspirations (maybe tables with NPCs, monsters etc.).

Anyway, great work Zadmar. I didn't know you had a page here on A big hug from Italy (LordLance here, from the times on Savage Worlds community forum).

Hi Colin! I know this is a pretty little and condensed game. However, I'm curious about "Beyond Two Players" part. I read it on the summary, then I went to pag. 48. That page seemed a sort of introductory page, to me; I was hoping for a bigger, extended explanation in the following pages.

Indeed, then the book starts to describing the Advanced Classes (pag.50), but the it describes Solo Play (pag.52). I was baffled about the "missing" Beyond Two Players chapter/paragraph.

Is that part actually missing? Should we have a page with suggestions, balancing hints, additional rules etc.?

Thanks in advance for the attention.

Thank you for this title. It's a simple system, indeed they are simple questions driven by card draws; however they can be inspiring, and surely useful to those mainly accustomed just to "traditional" systems that put very low effort on suggesting to the players how to build a round, tridimensional character.

The clean layout is nice too.

In the end, maybe it's slightly overpriced, however it's a nice title.

Idea interessante.

Of course, it will become another freaking cool generator. Thanks for this one too!

And, sooner or later, we'll need normal stairs to move between floors :D

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For those who are wondering, this is a d10 table with NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL & CHEMICAL wounds.

To all the Apocalypse Frame fans: if you need some alternative coat of arms for your campaigns or pilot / mecha sheets, you can go here in the page dedicated to the official expansion:
Along the comments you'll find the high res graphic I did, for fun.
Let me know if you liked them, or if you used them in some sheet of your.

Here a very small version, as preview:

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Well, thanks anyway.

If you don't mind, I'll post the other two alternative coat of arms here, for the community, just as "fan-made stuff" created for your game. Maybe there's someone that could put them on custom cheat sheets or their mecha sheets. I had some fun doing them,  used for my relax routine.
If you don't like the idea, no problem, I'll remove them.

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Hi. I can't invest money on other products, and I don't know if I'll have the chance to play with your system. Anyway, I'd love to read the additional stuff you put in this The Infected World 馃挏.
I have some spare time and (I like to think) some skill, so I'd love to barter some Coat of Arms for your core book in exchange for this file. I see there are community copies, but I'd love to have an OK from you. Also, I'd happy if you'll use my coat of arms, and put me in the credits for the additional art.
Have a great day,
Andrea "Lord Lance" Parducci

In the following reply, the first one I designed. I played with the "slightly more sci-fi style". All original graphic by me, font is free, even for commercial use, with this note to be added:

Copyright (c) 2014, CAT-Fonts, Peter Wiegel ( |, with Reserved Font Name "Wattauchimma".

Ciao! Typo a pag. 50: la scimmia bianca ha il testo dell'ultima abilit脿 ripetuto 2 volte.

Per sicurezza, chiedo: ma se ordino Cairn da questa pagina:
Ottengo una stampa del Cairn-ita-complete da 90 pagine? Chiedo perch茅 la descrizione della pagina parla di file del settembre 2021, in diversi punti (es nel titolo e nella data di pubblicazione).

Grazie in anticipo per il chiarimento.

Per chi se lo stesse chiedendo, il file ampliato 猫 quello che si chiama Cairn-ita-complete.pdf
Con quello e il file della scheda del PG, CairnSheetIt-Fillable.pdf, siete a posto.

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Hallo. When I click on the Download page, I see 4 buttons. The first button is "Charge RPG (Online on": when I click it, no file is downloaded, it's a link that bring me to the page. From here, I see buttons that bring me back to the page... :-(
It's a never-ending dog chasing its tail. Is there a good document I can read offline?

EDIT: also, the second button "Character Sheets" is broken.

You could use the scale that Savage Worlds uses too: 1 square = 2m x 2m
In short, you are playing with bigger squares, but that doesn't ruin anything; however it's really fast and easy to have measurements: 1 human miniature occupy 1 square, and that is also its height; finally, if you have a distance (ie. 50 meters, it's really easy to obtain the distance-in-squares... 50 / 2 = 25 squares). I love squares in Savage Worlds.

Nice micro-game in a single sheet of paper.

Well, actually those icons are (fantastic and) huge: i mean, while they are very clean and with minimum detail expressed, they are big enough to be useful to describe very different kind of buildings. Of course, I know it's a big work: you'll need to build "church" type buildings, "tent" type ones, "ruined" ones, "surrounded by walls", "castles" types etc.
However, in the meantime we can dream 馃挏

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Oh God, this is wonderful. Now (of course) we'll start asking for "ruined", "savage", "evil", "coastline", "pious", "fortified" variations... 馃榿

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Nice. Well written!
However, my OCD keep me looking at this part:

Please, do something about it 馃榿
EDIT: apparently I can't successfully upload pieces of pictures... :( 

However, I'm referring to the 1st page, central part, with RED, YELLOW etc. (some have spaces between the suits, some other not; also, there are weird spaces between that dashed line, something like: - - - ------ - ------).

Finally, there's a "gether data" in the lower corner.

Indeed, fortunately you kept this art alive.

It's on!

Ah, I love the direction this game is taking! 鉂
PS. Fantastic name for this toolkit.

Hi. While giving a skim, I found those:

pag1: "If the actions of the Player character have some appreciable effect on the game world the game master will describe that affect."

pag11: "On a failure, the player character can not dodge/endure the attack and also fails takes the attacks harm." ??

pag12: "Successful attacks deal -1 or more harm to their target and may trigger other effects." 

pag14: "When receivving an ammo..."

pag37+: "Shirukens" It's Shurikens

The Heretic need cool icons too!

pag50: "Hitscan attacks arre ranged attacks that can not be dodged..."

Ecco qui il grafico rifatto. Se non avevi gi脿 queste informazioni, spero possano aiutarti a soppesare le scelte meccaniche.

Wooops, erroneamente li ho sommati ai "S矛 e", non ai "S矛 ma". A breve i riconteggi!

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Ciao Roberto. Innanzi tutto, grazie per la tua opera.

Dato che la meccanica dei 2d6 (o 3d6 tenendone 2 col vantaggio/svantaggio) da dover poi confrontare mi ha incuriosito, come variante alle "solite", ho voluto scavare un po' riguardo le probabilit脿. So che non 猫 poi cos矛 importante, visto il tipo di gioco decisamente improntato alla narrazione, pi霉 che al crunch, ma direi che pu貌 tornare utile anche solo come curiosit脿:

(i "S矛 e" contengono anche i risultati dei tiri doppi, dato che la meccanica dei colpi di scena 猫 ininfluente sul risultato del tiro)