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Andrea "Lord Lance" P.

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Under MANIFESTING TURNS it seems that there's a Faction Turn about every time a score ends.
However, in the first pages it says "At the start of a new season of play, activate between 3 to 5 factions to take place in the faction turn." Later, it says "When time passes and power in the city shifts, play a faction turn."

So, I'm not sure about how many times I should roll have those Faction Turns. From what I understand, when a new Season is starting, we need to make one. Then, not sure if we should have one Faction Turn after every Score, or if it's a more free thing, maybe more based on the amount of fictional time passed AND how many changes there was in the City (i.e. following the instruction on the first page more than those on second page).

PS: consequence n°4 looks positive at first sight. I understood it after reading the example; maybe it could be more clear moving the phrase parts around, something like: 

Information leaks about your actions; an enemy faction makes an immediate free action against you.

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Hi! Thanks for this stuff, I hope I'll have the chance to use them in the future. In the meantime, could you explain better to me this part? "they are open to complete and utter defeat if they suffer one successful attack from an enemy faction." I'm not sure if I simply cannot grasp it fully°°.

I put other comments following this one, hope you are comfortable with feedback and suggestions.

EDIT, note °°: ok, maybe I understood it: it sounds like "If they suffer one successful attack from an enemy faction, then they will be totally defeated".

Bravo, bene.

Hi Ema. If you like to receive my comments (see my previous post here), I finished to put notes on my PDF. I could give you the file so you can read them. Let me know how can I contact you (if you want to write to me, use i s h m a d r a d A T g m a i l D O T c o m). Have a wonderful day!

pag.8, sotto PROVE

Quando il risultato di un'azione del PG è incerto e un fallimento può provocargli danni, perdite di risorse, vantaggi o tempo prezioso, si effettua una prova.

Nice. Always interesting those insights.

However, the queen is adorable, but she looks so depressed.
Even when the city is bustling, she's in the Council, and the savings are up to the roof, she's so sad. I'm sad too. 💔

I use this post too. Graphic and music are really nice; even the mmm-mmmm of the queen is adorable.
The game is pretty relaxed, from what I see it's really difficult to NOT procede on, there are very few difficult decisions. I'd love more interaction between the various parts (for example, the botanist offering to dismiss the scientist, or the witch doing some nasty summon that you later on have to fix with the knight, and so on).

Hi Ema. I'm trying to collect some feedback and typo/suggestions, if you like them. I hope you'll find them useful, particularly for polishing the future printed version. If real life doesn't hit too hard, I'll find a way to send them to you.

PS: About the additional Risk, maybe you could describe how, with 8+ result, the mage can avoid it thanks to his shear luck or fate playing a part in that specific narrative moment.

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Nice 💜. If you accept feedback and suggestions, this is for you:

Not sure if I like the different result table for magic (dunno, I find it not very elegant). Maybe there's a way to get that result in a different way? For example, keeping the original table but explaining that, with magic, you suffer 1 additional Risk, no matter what the result is. So the GM could give more collateral effects every time that magic is used.
Also, you could suggest some systems that negate the additional Risk, for example using lot of time (emulating Rituals), or sacrificing HPs before the roll, or expending useful stuff (ingredients, treasures, breaking the staff etc.), or accepting the energy shortage that force you to NOT use the magic again in the scene.

Finally, I strongly suggest you to add, sooner or later, one or two pages with the iconic suggestions for quests/NPCs/places etc., 'cause they are both useful to spark immagination and to indirectly do some kind of world building, a subtle way to suggest what you think is cool, what you hope the players will explore and confront in your game.

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Hi. Thanks for the file. A request of clarification (maybe useful for text update?). Pag. 24

You can attempt to clear Fatigue in this manner once per day.

What "this manner" is? Just the Vigor roll method? Or both the Soul Spending and the Vigor Roll methods?

Thanks in advance.


Hi. Nice work with the new layout. I didn't read the new file already, anyway I ask if the errata/FAQ file I see up here was integrated.
PS: at page 5, probably the picture is over the text layer, so the big white image border slightly covers the left column text.

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Niiiice. If you like some feedback, while this updated file it's surely better in my opinion, I'm not a fan of those serif fonts used in examples and tables. Sure, you can make a differentiation, ie. the italics for the examples, but I'd keep the same font family.

And / or you could choose a condensed, high visible font for the tables, 'cause you also need to fit lot of info in limited space cells. For example the famous Roboto Condensed font.

It''s common to do the switch from a sans to a serif (if you used the sans as standard font) in titles, however you already did nice variations for the various paragraphs / chapters.

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"If you own a copy of Wardensaga on Itch already, you’ll automatically get the full updated version once the KS ends."
This is freaky awesome. I love when those games are kept alive, like a live document more than a fire-and-forget project.

PS: un punto della lista "Me ne sono andato perché" che sarebbe stato davvero epico: "Mi hanno passato il capo della Yakuza al telefono". 🤣🤣🤣

Dovevo fare il comico, non il proof-reader...

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Intanto bravi, bel lavoro.
Vi ho setacciato gratiZ un po' di typo:
pag. 8 gratuire
pag.18 punteggioPF
pag.42 Ingombante
pag.47 allla
pag.89 Giardininere
pag.91 antiproettile
pag.91 basebal
pag.92 kaki (ok, non è sbagliato, ma tanto vale usare "cachi")
pag.92 Lunchi
pag.95 Independente
pag.103 Kamikadze

pag.56 Infosphere (gli altri sono stati tradotti)
pag.85 C'è tutto un paragrafo in inglese "It is possible to attack the hacker’s mind in a similar way to the..." ecc.ecc. (ma sotto è tradotto, quindi immagino sia solo da togliere - controllate che magari non manchi un altro paragrafo)

Are the additional Playbooks in Armour Astir: Encore compatible / updated with this 1.5 version? 
(or maybe the update didn't touch any element present into the Playbooks)

Fantastic addition. Thanks!

Lo stile delle art è molto carino.
PS: KROVBOGANISTA non si può davvero sentire 🤣 Magari Krov-Bogano, o semplicemente Krov-Bogan?

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Hi. I suggest you to re-design the tables (in particular, look for the ones at page 40+ and 60+). The missing last down border seems to suggest the table is continuing in the next page on into the next title; also, probably light grey horizontal lines could be useful to better identify the rows, in particular where you have multiple line of text per single row. 💜
Also, I'm not sold on the sub-rolls on the Initial Encounter Reactions at page 47 - "forcing" the NPC to act in that way instead of suggesting a mood for an active scene with the PCs. Probably, simply suggesting the initial stance (suspcious, wrangling, ready to trade, indifferent, helpful etc.) could be more useful.

Also, if you find it interesting, because the enemies are really simple in their "statblock", you could add a micro-table near each enemy, in which you suggest some "What is this NPC doing?", helping to build interesting encounters if combined with the initial reaction rolled before. Maybe the Bandit entry could have - Menacing other NPCs - Hiding a small treasure - confabulating with another gang - Stealthly moving on a mission.
Things like that.

Anyway, I liked the general layout and picture style. A nice addition to the lightweight Sword&Sorcery style RpGs.

EDIT: about the Initial Encounter Reactions: now I'm also reading your Shadows of a Dying Sun, and I see that table is there too. I see that the additional roll can be useful when playing Coop or Solo, with no GM. Still, I feel that a more complex table, with more, and more nuanced, entries can be cool and useful.

🏃‍♂️ Presto, devo scrappare! 

Pag. 39 ARCHIVISTA caccogliere -> raccogliere (immagino)
Pag.48 è Jason Tocci
Pag.10, pag.22 ecc. Aggiustare leggermente le tabelle in modo da non avere parole interrotte per l'ultima lettera. Eventualmente rimpicciolire leggermente il font usato.
Pag.32 sotto la SECONDA SCINTILLA fissura -> fessura

PS: bravissimi, bel lavoro. Un abbraccione.

For those making screenshots maybe it could be nice to have a switch that turn the colors to "white everywhere with black text and borders". Anyway, funny stuff you made. 💜

Fantastic. I'm reading it right now.

Hey, thanks for the insights. A big hug, and I hope you'll expand and refine this game as it deserves.

Every news about aFoD is welcome.

PS unrelated: I'm wondering about this thing: (probably) the game was somewhat limited in its spreading because it was released as an add-on to BitD. Of course, it's already a big book, however is painful to not having  a complete game, a complete book to skim thru. I saw lot of BitD based games pop-out in those years, so it could be a nice gift to have a "redux" version incorporating the missing rules.
Do you think there's still interest into this game to justify this dream?


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Love the attention you put to the feedback. Have a 💜 day!

PS: I did proofreading and counseling for mechanics and layout for lot of (small) authors and translators, here in Italy.
I just want to tell you that you can find awesome suggestions about font choice and page composition, and you can learn a lot, really quickly.
This is just an example or two:

Also, the justified formatting AND the bold first word (even when there's absolutely no sense to highlight them) turn the text even more difficult to read.

For what it worths, I really appreciated the power effects table. Sure, it seems "crunchy" at first, but in the end it's a really good way to create on the fly lot of cool mechanical effects in game. Aaaand, it's super easy to remember, because it's very uniform way (it's just counting "1, 2, 3..." for every aspect you want to gain).
Probably there was no other way to obtain all those effects in an easier way.

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Nice idea. PS: on my screen I have no correct fonts when I arrive to the "To Escogiste" window. It's empty, and always shows two option at 0% and one at 100%

The best part of this game is really the music. Your son should be proud 💜
I hope the dog won't come for me...

I M P R E S S I V E presentation. Kudos!

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I suggest to change the 3d6 table at pag.17. If you know enough about probabilities, it's clear how, for every 27 surgeons in that world there's just a single Youth or Blacksmith... 😕
Probably the best way to fix that is turn the table into "roll a d6 for the 1st "band", then roll another d6 for the exact choice". Something like:
1-2 | 1  Blacksmith
1-2 | 2  Tailor
1-2 | 3  Scout
1-2 | 4  Farmer
1-2 | 5  ...
1-2 | 6
3-4 | 1
3-4 | 2
3-4 | 3
...  etc.

Un gioco abbastanza leggero al tavolo che fa emergere delle giocate interessanti, lontane dalle tradizionali esplora-e-ammazza, grazie ad un uso intelligente delle meccaniche che hanno reso famoso - fra gli altri - Cthulhu Dark.

Bump up. Hoping for replies to the doubts exposed before.

Hi. I humble suggest to re-check all the pages, mainly for "dice" -> "die".  Every time you are speaking about a single one, you need to use "die". Ie. "you may add 1 die to..."