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Thanks for the tip I haven't heard that one yet!

Art style and idea are strong but its seems when you die there is no way to get back to the game for me? Unless of course I refresh the browser but that's pretty inconvenient.

Thanks dude!

And ya, I kinda rushed the instruction part of the game and I think I should’ve changed the UI for buying bombs. Btw its unclear but coins make you move faster and that’s what the top right icon is which I added for the enhance them

Do you know how I can make it so that you don’t go faster moving diagonally?(If you also work with unity)

Great game idea! I like how you need the lightning bolt to win or else your not fast enough!

This game is so fun and polished and definitely my favorite so far!!

Ya I agree

This only happens sometimes tho?

Great, other than the fact that I can't run while shooting? Nice job!

Great idea! Something that I feel you could have done a bit better though I think is player movement because it's hard to move a small amount.  Great job overall on making this in such a short amount of time!

The animations are very smooth did you make them?

Very cool Idea I was going to do something like this with my game but I've already seen PontyPants(YouTube) do something like this with one of his jams so I went with a different idea. This is a very fun take on the theme!(Unfortunately I missed the deadline tho lol)

This is awesome, and super funny because the theme was meditation lmao

I'm confused what to do?

Thanks dude!

Wow very nice and chill, love the atmosphere! I was like 10 min late to the jam unfortunately.