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Servers are Back Online!!!

Unfourtunately yes.

The Unet 4 master server is currently down, you will not be able to play until they come back up, I shall post again when they do

Created a new topic Cool Beta

I saw this get posted in the Ravenfield server a few minutes ago It looks like you have some fantastic systems/mechanics in the works for this game! Keep it up!

This is actually the first time i have seen someone use the minetest engine on Itch, Good Work!

My unity Scripts cannot be converted to annother engine, However if you chose to use unity i would be happy to give you a file with some example stuff

yes, I will be updating the game in the next few weeks to address that issue, I would recommend getting on the discord chat to find people to play with!

it is back up on the page below the poll, it had been disappeared for some reason, thanks for telling me

This one looks promising... Unlike the other Copy/Pastes this one has some real Effort put into it Keep up the good work and you can meke this into a Very good game. I would be more than happy to help you with this if you wanted, Keep it up!



Bots are planned for beta 4, if you can't find anyone online you should check the discord chat

yes it is 32bit, all my games are for compatibility ^_^

the link is at the top of the page

you should get on the discord, that's where I would upload it to (also where I would tell when the next release is) XD

Thanks for 300 Downloads!

Here is a Question, Should i Patch out Beta 2.1 to fix the Zombie Mode Problems?

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Thank you Much for the Feedback, I will Definitely look into the Gun Problem.

I also think the AI problem is because the AI does not sync correctly it tries to go after multiple targets XD

Beta 3 poll is up!

Sure, I will be Online for awhile yet

You can also find me on the Ravenfield Discord Chat

Created a new topic Anyone Playing this???

I would like to try this out but there are no players

Beta 2 is up!

Zombie mode is now a Thing

The cheat code system is Implemented but sadly does not have any uses as of yet

Thanks for the feedback!

Cool THX.

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Any chance for Windows???

Beta 1.1 Posted Multiplayer actually works now!

Beta 1 is Up!

it would be cool... SteelRaven did make a multiplayer game tho


Nope, SteelRaven said that way back on Beta 2

Progress on the New Dessert Map


YES, the egg thing is really annoying.

there is already a pistol in the game

Yes this definitely needs a save system, I would also reccomend adding a weight system to add to the whole survival feel of the game.

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Cool game, I think this could be good with some work!

I like this idea, you should post thisin the discord chat!

Equip ammo packs to have more launcher ammo (drop them on the ground and they refill your ammo automaticly)

and the tanks are well balanced, if you use cover and repair them (usually the reds wont use RPGs if you are not in the tank(they will sometimes))

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Cool, i like the trailer

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Game updated to 1.5, adds matchmaking!

Created a new topic Cool Game Bro

this looks like a cool game, definitly has lots of Potential to be a great game, that being said if you need i could supply you with some assets to get this going even further. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with this!