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yes, I will be updating the game in the next few weeks to address that issue, I would recommend getting on the discord chat to find people to play with!

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Thanks a ton! Just out of curiosity, can you change the files so that Autodesk stingray can run them and send them to me? I'm trying to learn how to use the engine and an example would be really great. I won't put the game up anywhere, it would just be a personal copy that I could play with and add to/edit to learn about the engine. The file format that stingray can use for models is .FBX, the supported audio is .WAV, and the supported texture formats are: .PNG .JPG .RAW .TGA/.TARGA .TIF/.TIFF .EXR .DDS and terrain height maps. Stingray can't support 32 bit .TIFF files or multilayer .EXR files.

My unity Scripts cannot be converted to annother engine, However if you chose to use unity i would be happy to give you a file with some example stuff