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Thanks, if you ever do add compatibility for custom races please let me know.

Update: Found the other post. Also searched through the .class files in the exe. Are all the races the same base with different textures?

I've looked all over and I can't find the race files. As of now, the race I was trying to add doesn't work and I get this error message:

"Error - race [test] not found" (test is the name of the race because I couldn't think of a good one). 


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Thanks a ton! Just out of curiosity, can you change the files so that Autodesk stingray can run them and send them to me? I'm trying to learn how to use the engine and an example would be really great. I won't put the game up anywhere, it would just be a personal copy that I could play with and add to/edit to learn about the engine. The file format that stingray can use for models is .FBX, the supported audio is .WAV, and the supported texture formats are: .PNG .JPG .RAW .TGA/.TARGA .TIF/.TIFF .EXR .DDS and terrain height maps. Stingray can't support 32 bit .TIFF files or multilayer .EXR files.

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Actually, scratch that former idea. That was a stupid request and would make the game no fun. Can you instead add the exp system to zombies, so that I can get xp even if I'm playing on my own?

Can you make a cheat code that gives you all weapons unlocked? It doesn't need to be long term, but I wanted to test out all the weapons and I can't really play online, as there are no servers.

Same here...plz help!

Ok, thanks, if it doesnt work, I will let u know.



no idea why, but It wont launch.

Error message is "spawn UNKNOWN", if that helps.

If you want to get the changelog, i can send it to you...


Boii my best friends name is Ethan. lol

Yeah, but I dont wanna run any risks as gaming is just a hobby for me.

Hi, I cant download steam, so is there any way for me to buy it through steam, but get access through itch? I have the itch app...

If you have the time and the game is out on steam, could you verify payment and email me a copy of the game files or something? I'd be really grateful, as I love your game and would honestly pay a lot of money for it.

P.S: I cant seem to get money to buy it through I don't think I can buy it without using a credit card number, which I don't trust enough for.

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I will be hosting games on this occasionaly. The IP will always be the same, and if you can't connect, that is your problem, not mine or the creators. To connect, type the IP into the first box for the "Join" area. The IP is:

Note: Upvote so that everybody can see the server IP and play together.

Sub-note: I will add a line here when I am hosting that says "hosting", and I will also add the IP if it is different for some reason.

Get the program

For everybody who has problems with games like this on their system: Step one-download app. Step two-sign in. Step three-search for the game. Step four-click "Install" on the side. Hope that clears it up for you all. =)

Oh. XD

if the bow is more powerful, it will be like the ballista. I think that the arrows impact and damage are the same number, so it would be overpowered as fuck.

DELETE IT!!! Thats what i did when Norton wouldn't shut the f*ck up about it being a virus. I got rid of norton and got better security with a different provider. I'm not on my home computer rn tho, so I forget what security proxider. =(

No idea, but if you play windowed you might be able to manually move the window to a position where the blind spot is smaller and on both sides, or something like that...

Really?? Have you never actually played the game? Its extremely good. The graphics are beautiful, even on some really old windows XP machine I tried it on just for fun. Even if he did use the unity assets (which I doubt), the game didn't make itself. He obviously put some serious time into this, and I think it would make his grandfather proud.