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Finally have finished playing and rating all the games. Thank you all for the submissions. The talent in the jam has been incredible. Loved the games & appreciate all participation!

Looking forward to seeing you on the stream on Friday @9pm GMT - for awards/announcements etc.

Thank you again - this is my first jam and I can't believe how well its gone. Massively appreciate all of you.

Enjoyed this one! Had no problem running it. Played it till completion and the void! Great work & I reckon you should continue with it as you seem passionate! Thanks for getting the entry in & hope things have improved with you now :)  

Solid platforming experience :D Brilliant trolls, and loved the Jern-memes included! Really enjoyed this entry. Thanks San_io :D I reckon I'd enjoy it more if the feckin' controls weren't backwards! But that added to it alot in fairness! Great work.

Tried to play this. Didn't get far.

Nice entry! Would have loved a feckin' gun or somethin! Insanely difficult :D But great idea & nicely implemented. Thanks guys!

Enjoyed playing through this! Had to give it quite a few tries before I won. Fairly sure I won as the dirty cops were all dead & the doors were both open. Nothing happened at that point for me but called it complete! Solid platforming & nice that the moving platforms were able to carry you pretty smoothly. 

Thanks for the submission!

I have few words for this one! I can't believe this isn't on steam! Seriously incredible work. Your hard work really showed. Just perfect, nailed every category & ticked all my boxes! Maybe could have been a bit more jern-friendly (aka easy mode!) but other than that. I just wanna play a few more rounds :D Great work!

I haven't laughed this hard in a long while! Great work! Absolutely fantastic craic :D Loved the quips at the start, the game itself, the deep lore! Excellent game :D Well done all of ye!

A game in VB! Mad :D Great work! Was convinced it was a bit trolly but was fun to finish it out :) Thanks!

Took a few mins for me to figure this one out! But it was good fun in the end :D Didn't understand some of the references and was compelled to throw away some stuff that was probably required to win :D Cool idea tho! Great work getting it all together!

Great game - very smooth to play, controls were super smooth. Solid platformer, very cute artwork also! Great work.

Great work guys, Massively impressed that you managed to make a racing game with a level editor in 2 feckin' weeks! Great work! 

Blown away by the mechanics in this one :D Incredibly well done & thought out. Brilliant level design also. Gave me great portal vibes at times! Absolutely fantastic. You'd enjoy a fellow game dev streamer I bet - check out - he's making something super portal inspired also. 

Great work! Really can't express how much I enjoyed this one!

This absolutely blew me away. Great work. Took me a few mins to realize what was going on but wow. Great work on the graphics, fantastic flow on the gameplay & mechanics. Solid controls and instructions. Just brilliant. Can't find fault with it at all! :D Thank you for the submission!

Really enjoyed playing through this one! The falling platforms took me by surprise twice! :D Very nice, love the artwork & controller was pretty smooth. A bit of clipping here and there but overall solid platforming experience! Great work.

Nice game guys! Very nice looking & smooth controls. Difficult and could use some description of controls/how to section perhaps on the itch page. Very nice! Great job getting this in!

Fantastic game, really enjoyed it! I haven't played a game like this before so it took me some time to get into the swing of it. But the more I played, the better it got. Plenty of lore and expansion in this one. Was really blown away by the 'custom' minions! Crazy. Great use of theme also! Well made!

Nice entry Stella! Great work getting it in. Camera was smooth, aiming/shooting was nicely implemented. If the character locked to the rotation of the character when aiming that would be really great. Atmosphere & spacing for the boss fight was really nice. Enjoyed it, nice work!

Alot of fun! Thoroughly enjoyed the voice acting! Camera flipped out a little during play. I reckon if that could be fixed up a bit, even a static camera that just follows the player we'd have a great game! Great work as expected! <3

Fantastic game BitGamey, loved watching you develop it on stream and thoroughly enjoyed trying it. Was really looking forward to it and it met expectations! Great idea & execution. Very well polished.

You guys seen my reaction live. Confused at first due to its unique nature, but really blew me away. Love the fact that you can reverse your playthrough and it looks like a standard game. Incredible idea. Loved it! Great work.

Really nice game Meneliki! Alot of fun to play. Great mechanics. Hitboxes were unforgiving on the goo! Great work.

Nice work - enjoyed playing through it! Well polished off and would require little more to bring to a very good state imho.

Very nice entry. The look and feel was very smooth and nice. Enjoyed figuring it out - not good at these styles of games at all but managed to get the first puzzle after 80 ish tries! Great work.

Great work - I was unable to get past the first mini-game, but I got the general gist of what you were going for! Neat idea & nicely implemented.

Great work - really enjoyed it! The width of the track made it difficult to begin with, but after realizing that I was meant to collect the objects - it became alot easier! :D

Jern Jam! community · Created a new topic Ratings!
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Hi all,

If you haven't already played and rated the games in the jam, please try to get to it before Friday.

If you did submit a jam entry, you can play and vote on other entries.

If you didn't submit a jam entry, you can play and comment on other entries.

Information about winners & prizes will be announced on Friday on stream *( )!

Best of luck to all! I have thoroughly enjoyed all that I have played so far.



Hi TreeSquirrel, If it matches the theme and didn't start before JernJam started, thats fine.

Jern Jam! community · Created a new topic THEME!


Jern Jam! community · Created a new topic Looking for teams

Any Jern Jam Participant that has not already checked the #looking-for-jam-team channel on the discord: - there are a number of individuals in there that are teamless! Remember there will be bonus points & prizes for experienced teams taking lesser experienced people on, and for branching out :) That's what this jam is all about - Thanks all! 

An excellent controller and a unique idea! Love how the car handling changes as the cars increase! Didn't encounter any bugs but got sniped by a red car in level 5 i think? :D Had alot of fun playing this! 

Oh, through the app? I'll have to check it - I usually just use the browser. I'm glad its working for you.

Hi hehe, I tested both rar and zip builds - no issues on my side using win 10. Not sure what it could be :/

Really enjoyed this! :) Excellent work.

Thank you so much :)

Hahahah, I've removed the funny death messages since - they were a Jam exclusive! Glad you enjoyed them & thank you for the kind words!

Thanks Hertzrat!! We are thinking of adding a 'sensing' feature with see/detect/autoaim kinda stuff, for anti infantry - as yes, until you kinda learn the locations of some enemies, they will always do some damage! Thanks alot for trying it out!!

Had to give this two tries as I was confused as to how to play it. I could see that there was a huge amount of  effort & systems in place so props on that front. It felt like it had a relatively completed state to it, even if I couldn't figure out how to actually get very far into it! Great work though. Has massive potential.

Game bugged out a bit for me so I count it as a win! :D There was too many agents I feel and the pathfinding just didn't want to allow them to move. Great work though, fantastic idea. Can see the potential & hope development continues!

Great work Gryffn! Absolutely blown away by the sheer amount of content. I know how many issues you had during development, so massive props for sticking through and releasing it on time for the jam deadline! Well done!